Playa Vista People 1/21/2021


Kali has been living in Westchester since April, 2009

Now You Know…

  1. Loves Corn Flakes
  2. Favorite singer: Marvin Gaye
  3. Has never seen a Star Wars movie
  4. Wants to be a dancer on “Dancing With The Stars”
  5. Hates Cardi B 
  6. Went to Bible Study for 3 years
  7. Takes two showers a day
  8. Loves In n Out
  9. Hates McDonald’s

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Workers at Electric Arts,
-Playa Vista

“West Los Angeles has been hit the hardest with the sublease space,” says Bill Bloodgood, agency market leader at Newmark Knight Frank. “At the same time, it will be the first market to come back because of the significant amount of venture capital money that flows into that part of L.A.” Even prospering companies like gaming giant Electronic Arts have chosen to downsize, moving from a lease for more than 100,000 square feet in Playa Vista to 58,000 square feet at the new Del Rey Campus in Marina del Rey. And while studio space occupancy had bounced back toward pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2020, rising COVID-19 numbers have now forced many productions to postpone filming.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom. Burbank, a huge beneficiary of the streaming wars, has had a stellar year. “Entertainment is everywhere in L.A., but if there’s one place that it really is definitive, it’s Burbank,” Patap says. Burbank has been boosted by Netflix’s new 171,000-square-foot lease at Burbank Empire Center for an animation studio. Comcast leased a building at Victory Media Campus, and Disney has continued to lease a mammoth amount of square footage throughout the city, including a 425,000-square-foot renewal on Alameda Avenue.

And in other areas of L.A., entertainment and tech giants that are invested in streaming and content creation continued to increase their footprint in 2020. According to CoStar, Facebook leased an additional 85,000 square feet of space at The Brickyard in Playa Vista in June. In December, Apple purchased an entire square block of properties in Culver City, a $162 million deal.


Mark Sentyrz, owner and operator of Marina del Rey Boat Rentals

Officials recently discussed the issue of illegal boat charters in Marina del Rey. The Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors Small Craft Harbor held a Commission meeting on December 17th to discuss the legal and illegal operation of charters in Marina del Rey. During the presentation, two types of options were listed for people interested in running a charter in the Marina del Rey area. The first option was using Dock 55, which opened in 2017. In order to go through the Dock 55, potential operators must have their boat inspected, need insurance and a county business license and a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain’s license.

The second option would be a sublease agreement on behalf of the potential operator. A tentative operator would have to seek out harbor master leaseholders and then get a qualified review from the Department of Beaches and Harbors. Many staff are in favor of the Dock 55 option, because they say it makes the process more streamlined. If potential operators decided to dock, they also wouldn’t have to be concerned with parking or finding a lease holder. Dock 55 is a docking site managed by Pacific Ocean Management who provides stipulations and direction for those interested in chartering. For those interested in serving food and alcohol, a valid county business license would need to be obtained along with special permits.

At the meeting, current charter operators also voiced their concerns with illegal charter operations. “I could probably list over 200 illegal charters that can be docked out of Marina del Rey on any given day in the middle of summer,” Mark Sentyrz, owner and operator of Marina del Rey Boat Rentals, told the Commission at the meeting. During the meeting, the Sheriff’s station talked about some of the difficulties with tracking down illegal operations such as dealing with passengers being non-truthful about their relation to operators. “If there’s not proof, it’s hard for us to tell if this is an illegal charter or is this guy going out with his family,” said Sgt. Brent Carlson of the Marina Del Rey sheriff’s station said at the meeting.


co-founders and co-CEOs of VENN, Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin

– Playa Vista

Gaming Network VENN has signed a strategic partnership with tournament organizer BLAST, with the first fruits of the deal to be realized through the BLAST Premier Global Final on Jan. 24.  Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Under the terms of the deal, VENN will produce content segments for the BLAST Premier Global Final featuring “special guests” from the world of esports, music skits, and fan engagement. The content will be produced at the VENN Playa Vista, Los Angeles studio. 

The BLAST Global Final is the grand finale of the organization’s year-long Counter-Strike: Global Offensivetournament series, with the top eight best teams competing for a $1M USD prize pool. VENN will also own the North American qualifier series for BLAST Premier 2021, which will see eight of the leading CS:GO teams invited to battle it out for a chance to qualify for the overall BLAST Premier series. 

In addition, VENN will help co-create, execute, broadcast, and sell shoulder programming across future BLAST events, and will offer broadcasts of all future BLAST Premier tournaments across its network.

Brent modeling an art piece for his class in Playa Vista


Kids and ‘Grown-ups’ staying at home with no one to converse with need a ‘Speak and Repeat animal’ to keep them company!

Remember, they repeat what you say!

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Petals N Wax

Villa Marina Marketplace Mall 13432 Maxella Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am- 6pm T: (310) 305-8883


Modern living in Playa Vista.


Here’s how our long time reader, Lisa McKendall
from Westchester answered:

  • Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
  • Have you ever seen a UFO? No
  • Can cats jump six times their length? Yes
  • Do you like chocolate milkshakes? Yes, but prefer vanilla
  • Have you seen Bigfoot? No
  • Do you know how to swim? Yes, I was on swim team
  • Can you play poker? Yes
  • Do you have a twin? No, but I have twins
  • Were you born in the summer? No, spring
  • Can you make yourself disappear? No, I wish
  • Were you on Survivor last year? No
  • Do you know the Schrödinger equation of quantum theory? No
  • Do mice really eat cheese?  Yes, but they prefer paper
  • Can you see out the back of your head? No
  • Are Martians really green? No

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 Alycen Kim from Palos Verdes 2020 winner. (Courtesy of West Basin Municipal Water District )

West Basin Municipal Water District announced its 2021 “Water Is Life” art contest is now open for Culver City student submissions. The annual art contest from West Basin recognizes student creativity and innovation throughout its service area. Student artists help inspire their communities to support water conservation as a way of life by creating thought-provoking water-smart pieces of art. Submissions are due via regular mail or email by March 19. “We encourage 3rd-12th grade students in our local schools to participate in this year’s West Basin art contest,” West Basin Board President Gloria D. Gray said in a news release. “Last year, we received about 500 creative entries from students, and we hope to see those numbers go up this year with the added flexibility to submit artwork electronically or through the mail.”

This year’s art contest features a number of updates that are aimed at boosting program participation, including standardizing the submission paper size and expanding artwork submission options. New, pre-recorded instructional videos will be available on the water district’s YouTube page to help students understand the art submission process. Teachers can also request a live online art lesson where a West Basin staff member will provide art tips and techniques to create an award-winning piece of art. Fifteen student winners (one grand prize winner and four honorable mentions in each elementary, middle, and high school grade category) will be selected by a panel of judges in April. Each winner is awarded a new Apple iPad, with Grand Prize winners additionally receiving a digital stylus pen and $25 Apple Store gift card. The contest is a collaborative water education program in partnership between West Basin and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan). Winning artwork from West Basin’s local contest will advance to Metropolitan’s regional competition and may be featured in the agency’s 2022 student artwork calendar. West Basin Municipal Water District is a wholesale water agency that serves nearly one million people in 17 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. West Basin provides imported drinking water, recycled water, and conservation and education programs.

“Through its Water for Tomorrow Program, West Basin is committed to protecting, diversifying, and securing our water supply for the future while continuing a history of innovation and industry leadership,” the district said.For more information about the Water is Life student art contest, including updated guidelines and how to make art lesson reservations, please visit


Historical Fisherman’s Village in Marina del Rey, 1964


Sorrento Italian Market,
-Culver City

Is it the friendly staff, the quality food, or the top-notch customer service that makes you love a business? During the coronavirus pandemic, shopping small has become of utmost importance as businesses, restaurants and local stylists struggle to make ends meet. Here are the businesses that rose to the top, according to Patch readers:

Lundeen’s Gifts, 9726 Washington Blvd, Culver City

What customers saying: “I work at this little mom and pop gift shop that’s been around for over 11 years. She opened the shop when there was no other retail in downtown Culver City. She became a favorite for the workers at Sony any other growing businesses. Nurses from the hospital across the street we come in to take a break and soothe their minds from their stressful days. We have local dogs that come in every day for a treat, and more in the losses of people that have left us in the neighborhood together. She is trying to stay afloat. We are like a family. It’s a very special place. She is a pioneer, comes from a long line of shop owners from Minnesota. She took a chance went downtown Culver city is nothing but restaurants. The business has grown to be a place that is a community touchstone. There are very few mom and pop shops left. We not only offer customer service, but we offer friendship and a respite from the difficult days.”

Sorrento Italian Market, 5518 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver CityWhat customers saying: “Great grocery products; dependable supply of pastas, meats, cheeses, wines, and produce from their various farms; excellent and friendly service. Owner Albert Vera is such a wonderful man, and was just elected to the Culver City City Council.”

Allegra California Cafe, 4437 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City

What customers saying: “The owners are wonderful people and have tried their damndest to keep all their staff. The food is wonderful and prices affordable. They are always outgoing when I go in.”

A Greener Tomorrow Landscaping

What customers saying: “This company is the best and most knowledgeable in everything landscaping. They created a makeover of our front and back yard. We get so many compliments. Carmen is very sweet and has an eye for design. Her designs are beautiful and very well planned.”

“Excellent customer service. They are so kind and get the work done right from the beginning. Their prices are very reasonable. The employees are very respectful hardworking and polite. Luis is super knowledgeable and knows his trade.”

“This landscaping business has been providing essential yard maintenance service during these tough times! From the nasty heatwave to the pandemic and everything in between. They are always there to take a call and answer any questions. Luis and Carmen are very nice, humble and hardworking duo.”

Westside Youth Orchestra, 12121 W Pico Blvd #205, Los Angeles

What customers saying: “Westside Youth Orchestra has kept the spirit of music alive during the confining covid19. Each and every Wednesday from 6:30-8:45 the conductor and mentor coach engage the musicians in music, theory, history and special events with specific instruments being featured. Parents receive weekly updates regarding all briefings regarding their musicians. Unbelievable dedication remains constant.”


Beautiful common areas are a common scene in Playa Vista.

  1. *** My friend and I decided to close out 2020 with a beach clean. We were SHOCKED at the amount of trash on our beautiful beach. We had 4 bags full before we even made it onto the beach! There was so much styrofoam blowing into the rising tide. We tried to catch as many pieces as possible before they were washed out to sea but it was impossible. And so many masks as well 🙁 I would encourage anyone willing to grab a bag and go help clean the beach. It was really inspiring to have 5 additional people join us when we cleaned. My friend and I plan to make this a weekly thing. —– Kelly Williams, Playa Del Rey.

2. ***Kentwood at Kentwood bluffs. A guy with a FREE INSPECTIONS vest on going up to doors and taking notes. Skipping some houses and looking inside cars at other houses. I followed him for 5 minutes and got a weird feeling. Bee aware! —- Gary Chase, Westchester.

3. ***More than anything, the pandemic has shown how quickly things can change if they must. Carpe diem. —– Randi J., Westchester.

4. ***Did you know? Did you know that over 25,000 people in *Playa Vista *Marina Del Rey *Culver City *Playa Del Rey *Westchester read Playa Vista People ( every week?

5. ***My ex-husband has a brain so small that if a hungry cannibal cracked his head open, there wouldn’t be enough to cover a small water biscuit. And I am being kind. —– Rhonda S., Marina Del Rey.

6. ***Send if your free 25-word message to this Bulletin Board and reach 25,000 people in our area for Free! *Sell *Buy *Rent *Barter *Comment *Alert *Promote: Send your message to: .

7. ***As my wife and I prepared for our garage sale, I came across a painting. Looking at the back, I discovered that I had written “To my beautiful wife on our fifth anniversary. I love you … Keith.” Feeling nostalgic about a gift I’d given her 25 years earlier, I showed it to her, thinking we should rehang the picture. After gazing at my message for a few seconds, she replied, “You know, I think a black marker would cover over all that so that we could sell it.” —- Keith C., Playa Del Rey.

8. ***The best Homeless charity in L.A. .

9. ***”What’s the difference between a zombie and a young person with earbuds walking around in Playa Vista? The zombie has more life.” – Carla H., Playa Vista.

10. ***Catalytic converter was stolen from a Toyota W 83rd. A Catalytic converter was stolen from a Toyota on W83rd st between Emerson and Kentwood. Neighbor called 911 but the theft took less than 10 minutes to extract from the vehicle. They jack up the vehicle and cut the catalytic converter in no time. Toyota’s have platinum in their catalytic converters which is what they are after. Any info would be greatly appreciated it happened early Friday morning. I have reported this information to the police. Organized crime is the culprit! —- John Breza, Westchester.

11. ***I’m frequent patron of J Nicholas, and Katy has been my waiter countless times and is usually pretty rude but I come back because the food is good and it’s close to where I live. However, today Katy was even more abrasive and dismissive than usual. —– Maya J., Los Angeles

12. ***What is happening on Pacific and Convoy. We’ve got to nip this in the bud. Homeless RV’s and vans hunkering down on Pacific by the dunes. —- Monica La, Playa Del Rey.

13. ***My Favorite Handyman for y’all~. I hesitate sharing, for fear he will get too busy for me. But I have found terrific gardeners, pizza, plumbers, beignets, and the Cities Best Handyman on here from y’all, so I must share. Mark Haynie is extraordinary! And he lives very close by. Does jobs big and small. He’s efficient, knowledgeable, and fast. Answers his phone or gets right back to you. I know he can pretty much do anything! 323.454.3135 Mark Haynie —- Cat Edwards, Del Rey

14. ***In 2020, homicides increased by 35 percent from 2019 across the 50 largest urban areas, reaching levels in many cities not seen for more than 20 years. Some in the media suggest the spike is simply another downside of the pandemic. But this would appear to gloss over the likely link to unintended consequences of the nationwide demonstrations after George Floyd’s death in the custody of Minneapolis police. —— Gloria Best, Culver City.

15. ***Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is. —– Alan Tobias, Playa Vista

Playa Vista People Disclaimer: 1.) Playa Vista People accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Playa Vista People is not associated with any commercial or political organization and is transmitted via the web for the sole benefit of its subscribers. 2.) Unfortunately, computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses.

Playa Vista People 1/14/2021


Penelope’s DIY backdrop for her photoshoot in Playa Vista.   If you would like to be featured, send us your contact info to


New Belkin CEO Steve Malony
– Playa Vista

Belkin International Inc. founder Chet Pipkin will step down as chief executive at the Playa Vista-based consumer electronics company. Pipkin will move into the role of executive chairman of the board, according to a company announcement on Jan. 7. Belkin senior vice president and general manager Steve Malony will become the company’s new CEO. Belkin said that Pipkin, who has been CEO for more than three decades, will “continue to stay active and engaged with the business on a full-time basis” as Malony takes charge of the conpany’s day-to-day operations.

In a statement, Pipkin said he had “full confidence” in Malony and added that the new CEO would “beautifully and effectively lead Belkin into our next chapter through the combination of exceptional industry and leadership skills as well as a deep operational expertise.” Pipkin founded Belkin with Steve Bellow in 1983 and oversaw the company’s growth into a leading manufacturer of computer accessories and other electronic devices. The company owns the Linksys brand of internet connectivity devices and home automation brand WEMO, as well as Torrance-based water tech company Phyn. Belkin was acquired in 2018 by Taiwan-based electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group in a deal worth $866 million.

Malony has been with Belkin since 2005 and has served in roles both domestically and internationally, according to the company. “While I have very big shoes to fill, I am honored to step into the role of CEO of Belkin,” Malony said in a statement. “I have been blessed to serve the company for a great portion of my career and the trust and confidence placed in me to lead it are not taken lightly. I am excited to enter a new chapter with Belkin with an intention to lead with devotion and a vision for a future that is crystal clear, positive and bright.”

Culver City will host three virtual events to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sign up for one of the following free online events:

  • Listen Up – Sit Back and Enjoy Family Storytime…

Jan. 15 at 7 p.m.

LISTEN UP is a virtual reading of the children’s books “Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Lisbeth Kaiser and “Freedom Summer” by Deborah Wiles. These stories will inspire families to discuss Dr. King’s legacy as one of the most influential leaders of the civil rights movement. We will discuss the continuing fight for equal rights in the United States.

Each registration includes a FREE craft kit, which contains an Activity Book and “I Have a Dream” craft supplies & instructions!

  • Speak Up – Speak Up and Ask Questions…

Jan. 16 at 11 a.m.

“I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other, because they don’t communicate with each other, and they don’t communicate with each other because they are separated from each other…” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The City of Culver City is proud to host a virtual Q&A with Walter Thompson-Hernandez. He is a New York Times writer and the author of “Compton Cowboys.” Mr. Thompson-Hernandez is also the host of the podcast “California Love”, which shares the voices and stories of underrepresented communities with the world. We invite Culver City teens to ask questions and listen to Walter speak in this virtual interview.

  • Speak Out – Speak Your Truth Through the Words of Others…

Jan. 16 at 4 p.m.

Celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.—TOGETHER. Virtually appear to read and/or to listen! We will come together to share and hear beloved prose or poetry inspired by M.L.K., Jr.

Here’s how to register:

These virtual events are free and open to the public.

Register for the virtual series on the City’s Virtual Recreation online. People can also use this website to submit questions for SPEAK UP or a written piece for SPEAK OUT.

For more information contact Parks, Recreation and Community Services staff at (310) 253-6650 or


An Inc. facility and a Chick-Fil-A location in Playa Vista received a $168 million permanent refinance loan from Citi. The bank also provided $110 million in bridge refinancing for the location last summer. George Smith Partners’ Antonio Hachem secured both financings. “I am thrilled to have completed both loans on this new Amazon facility, which will create jobs and offer efficient and reliable delivery to the fast-growing Silicon Beach and Westside areas,” Hachem said in a statement.

The property spans three parcels and 12.5 acres. It was previously an auto dealership mall, medical office building and a Chick-fil-A. The auto mall was converted for Amazon. The medical office building was torn down in favor of parking. The Amazon building is located at 5750 Mesmer Ave. and the Chick-fil-A franchise is at 11750 Jefferson Blvd. This isn’t the only real estate transaction Amazon has been involved in lately.

Last year a building in Torrance under renovation to be used by Amazon sold for $81 million. It was previously a Costco Wholesale Corp. warehouse store. It is being updated to be used as an Amazon warehouse space with some consumer operations. It is located at 2751 Skypark Drive. Realterm US Inc. purchased the site from Bridge Development Partners. It was one of the costliest industrial deals in a decade based on price per square foot, according to CoStar Group Inc. Amazon has been busy expanding its platform as well. In December, the company announced Amazon Music would acquire West Hollywood-based podcast network Wondery Inc. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Los Angeles County firefighters knocked down an apartment fire in Marina del Rey early Monday, rushing one person to a hospital, officials said. The fire broke out on the second floor of a three-story apartment building at the corner of Panay Way and Via Marina at about 9:35 a.m., fire officials reported. It was knocked down about 10:15 a.m. Images from the scene show smoke billowing from an apartment building and firefighters arriving.

Rosy has been living in Marina del Rey since June, 2016


The lonely streets of Playa Vista during the endless pandemic.


Here’s how our long time reader, Nancy Pelegrino, from Marina del Rey answered:

  • Trump Will Attend Inauguration? – No
  • Trump Runs In 2024 – No
  • Life Will Resurface This Year – Maybe
  • Masks Help Prevent COVID – Yes
  • I Followed COVID Guidelines New Year’s Eve – Yes
  • Did You Think About Divorce/Split In 2020? – No
  • I Got Nothing Good To Watch Anymore – Yes
  • Have a favorite On ‘Gilligan’s Island’? – No

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Setting up and using technology can be VERY frustrating and dangerous! Focus on running your business and let Sean setup, protect, and support your technology.

Contact –
Office: (310) 871-2587


Star Paws Rescue (photo taken pre-pandemic)
– Marina del Rey

Want to add to your family and do something good for the Marina Del Rey community at the same time? Adopt a dog, cat or other kind of pet from a local shelter or organization! Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities in and around Marina Del Rey have dogs, cats and other animals ready and waiting to be adopted.

There are thousands of dogs, cats and other animals of all ages and sizes without a home in California — and many of them are located in your area. In the search for your new friend, consider checking out a local facility like Adopt And Shop, where Scorcese the cat is waiting patiently. If you aren’t sure if you have time to take care of a pet year round, many shelters also offer opportunities to foster pets until they are placed.

To see a complete list of animals avaialbe for adoption in areas such as Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Culver City, and many more, click HERE.


Our popular weekly digital magazine, Playa Vista People ( is looking for regular monthly columnists for its publication.

We desire smart, intriguing, bold voices in our area to write a 200-word column once a month for Playa Vista People on any subject that interests you as long as it involves our area and community (Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Playa del Rey, Westchester).

  • Dining
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  • Music
  • Sports & more

Your words will reach approximately 25,000 influential people in our community Please let us know if it’s something you’re interested in by contacting us at


Rack Attack Manager, Daniel Ruth (left), with actor Steve-O (right)

Our roof rack and accessory installations store located in Santa Monica is one of the newest stores that we welcomed to the Rack Attack family, and our first in California. We offer all vehicle rack categories.

Formerly known as Rack Solid, the store has been serving Southern California since 2006 with a wide selection of racks, hitches, cargo boxes and more from reputable brands like Thule, Yakima, Kuat, RockyMounts and Saris. We are ready to fit any hobby – cycling, surfing, skiing, kayaking, camping and more.

We provide lifetime warranty and offer price matching, so come see us in Santa Monica and we will find the best fit for you.

Rack Attack 3127 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 450-6027


Winnie has been living in Westchester since August 2015. .


  1. ***25 Communities with the highest rate of confirmed cases. LA County Health just announced the 25 communities with the highest rate of confirmed cases. Westchester was on the list. The rate of growth has been accelerated in the last few weeks. Stay safe! —– Kathe Bass, Westchester.

2. ***Citizens in Los Angeles face this reality: officials will no longer enforce the law. For example, if a drunk driver hits you in LA, police will not arrive to document the crime. In addition, if you steal less than $900 of merchandise from a store, you will not be prosecuted.  I could site many more examples. —- Bill O., Marina Del Rey.

3. ***My Grandfather was worried about street lamps, murals, the occasional honk of a horn. Had he lived to see a smartphone, or modern Playa Vista, he would have plotzed. —– Gwen P., Playa Vista.

4. ***There is some truth to the cliché holding that liars think everybody lies, that cheaters think everybody cheats, that thieves think everybody else steals, etc. Understood as an emotional self-defense strategy, that has a great deal of explanatory power. —– Gloria A., Marina Del Rey.

5. ***Strange Activity off Emerson. Grey or silver truck, believe to be a Dodge. ‘09 maybe. Circling the streets off Emerson. Has been seen around the block 4 separate times in 3 hours. One time was out with a flashlight around yards and down alley/trash area. Reported and was told it would be looked into. —– Shelby Torrese, Westchester.

6.***Suspicious driver following Amazon truck. As I went on my daily walk, I noticed a young dark skin male, late twenties, light complexion following the Amazon truck on an old model, dark blue Honda Accord, paint fading on the hood. He went around the block and repositioned himself behind the truck, when he noticed that I flag down the Amazon truck, he took off. —– Otto Hiemann, Playa Vista.

 7.***WTF? I just saw a vegan popsicle for $5 at the Farmer’s Market in Playa Vista. Could anyone actually be stupid enough to pay $5 for a popsicle? —— Miriam P., Culver City.

8.***When a person goes to a fast food restaurant they basically feel like a loser. Except for In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A. —– Candice P., Culver City.

9. ***Thank you to the Marina Shell Station on Lincoln and Fiji. Great, honest, fair, helpful service. —– Dr. Frank H., Marina Del Rey.

10. ***Ruth Galanter – You did much to get the Ballona project where it is today, and for your efforts we are grateful. Bravo! —– David Kay, Playa Vista.

11. ***A hyperbole is an exaggerated claim. No, really, realllllllllllyyyyy exaggerated. I mean, like, the most exaggerated thing in the history of ever!! Why the f—k do young people write with so many exclamation points? —– Lola F., Playa Del Rey.

12.***This Free Bulletin Board section is a really cool addition to our community. Thank you. —— Jackson H., Playa Vista.

13. ***Darlene: You bowl like your Mama. Unless of course she bowls well in which case you bowl nothing like her. —– Carter T., Marina Del Rey.

14.***I would say Main Street in Santa Monica looks like a decayed ghost-town but that would be unfair to decayed ghost-towns. What the hell happened? —– Jose L., Culver City.
  15.  ***Mail Theft Broad Daylight. Two people in Range Rover were seen stealing mail out of the truck. One female, one male in the car. Cops came last night. Mailman said it’s the 3rd time in two weeks his truck has been robbed. They try to get the EDD checks rolling out. Braddock and Centinela. Vehicle 1 Color: Black Make: Range Rover Model: Evoque. —– Edward Rodriquez, Del Rey.

Playa Vista People Disclaimer: 1.) Playa Vista People accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Playa Vista People is not associated with any commercial or political organization and is transmitted via the web for the sole benefit of its subscribers. 2.) Unfortunately, computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses.

Playa Vista People 1/07/2020


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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has made a decision about the Ballona Wetlands in Playa del Rey, the agency announced Wednesday, approving one option to restore the wetlands but opting not to put a parking garage or visitor center at some of the last remaining marshes along the Los Angeles coast. The state agency selected Alternative 1 for the full-scale restoration of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Environmentalists are against this decision, saying it is not a restoration, and that it will damage the sacred land and hurt the species of animals living there. “The Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve (BWER) project will enhance and establish native coastal wetlands and upland habitat on 566 of the reserve’s 577 acres south of Marina del Rey and east of Playa del Rey,” the CDFW said. “It will restore ecological function to currently degraded wetlands, preserving sensitive habitat for future generations and build climate resilience on a coast vulnerable to sea-level rise.”

The decision will be in two phases and covers the largest area. Now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will complete its engineering plan in a process expected to take approximately two and a half years. During this time, the Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to acquire the necessary permits. “Alternative 1 is the only alternative that adequately adapts to sea level rise, which is one of the biggest threats to the wetlands and California,” Friends of the Ballona Wetlands said in a news release Wednesday. “Without adapting to rising ocean levels, the wetlands will have nowhere to move and will eventually become open water. Alternative 1 allows for marsh habitat to migrate up earthen levees as the ocean rises. This is critical – especially for the endangered Belding’s Savannah Sparrow that relies on pickleweed salt marsh habitat.” Read more HERE

Kevin Miller Co-Founder and CEO of GR0,
– Playa Vista

GR0 has officially rebranded with the launch of their new website. The startup studio based in the Playa Vista area mainly focuses on organic growth for direct-to-consumer startups. Our team has been hard at work cultivating the look and feel that we feel resonates best with our target customer, said Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Miller on the rebrand. We have spent countless hours getting as close to our customer as possible to fundamentally understand their needs, aspirations and business goals. As a result of our rebrand, we now feel that our offerings accurately represent what the market needs and wants to see out of a premier SEO partner.

The new website highlights key results that have been achieved for high-profile direct-to-consumer startups, as well as highlighting the success of a GR0 incubated project, The Word Counter. Additionally, current clients give their take about the experience working with the GR0 team over an extended period of time. The ultimate goal of the studio is to help brands rank #1 on Google by leveraging search engine optimization. If a brand cares about organic visibility on Google, GR0 has the expertise and knowledge to take their brand to the top.


An air pollution advisory will be in effect across the Southland through New Year’s Day due to New Year celebration fireworks. The pyrotechnics are known to cause problems for sensitive groups. Fireworks emit high levels of particulate matter as well as metal air pollutants, all of which can contribute to negative health effects, according to regulators, who warned that Air Quality Index levels may reach the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” category or higher over the holiday. Personal exposure to “backyard” fireworks may also create local fine particulate matter concentrations far in excess of regional values in the direct proximity to users, according to the AQMD.

Breathing fine particulate matter can lead to a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory health effects such as heart attacks, asthma aggravation, decreased lung function, coughing or difficulty breathing and may lead to premature death in people with heart or lung disease, officials said. South Coast AQMD has also called a basin-wide No-Burn Day for Thursday due to higher predicted particulate matter levels. Wood burning is prohibited from midnight through 11:59 p.m. for all those living in the South Coast Air Basin, including Orange County and non-desert portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The no-burn alert does not apply to mountain communities above 3,000 feet in elevation, the Coachella Valley or High Desert.


Walter has been living and working in Playa Vista since October 2014.


Best of Los Angeles Award – 2020 Best Electrician
Mike Packham Electric, a local family-run skilled electrician team, provides electrical and lighting needs for Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Del Rey, Westchester, Venice, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

T: 310-4304174


Tiffany Aldaco
Store Manager | Matte Argyle

Q: Why did you choose to be General Manager at Matte Argyle in the Silicon Beach area? How did you get there?
– I chose to be the manager of Matte Argyle because I really believe in what the store is doing. We are a size inclusive luxury retailer, and as a plus size woman, I find it very challenging to find cool unique wardrobe choices in my size. Here at Matte Argyle, we celebrate every size and that is something I can really get behind. How did I get here? A little background about me is that I’m a celebrity makeup artist. I was working on a show and had to reach out to my friend who is a stylist to get wardrobe for the host of the show. That phone call led to a series of events where I met with the Matte Argyle team, and the rest is history. I’m now the store manager and one half their Brand Ambassador team.

Q: Would you have to say has been the forefront of your success in your career? How did you develop your process in your work?
– The forefront of the success of my career is that I truly love making people feel beautiful and enjoy finding creative ways to connect with individuals. The process I’ve developed has come from 20 years of doing what works, avoiding what has been proven doesn’t work, and taking chances with new experiences.

Q: Do you see yourself going beyond the Silicon Beach area. Where are you from?
– Well, of course any businessperson would love to grow their business and branch out to other locations. But for right now, I’m excited to grow this seed into a fruit bearing tree here in Playa Vista. I grew up in the South Bay but I now live in Culver City. We’re practically neighbors.

Q: In what ways have you seen the area change since you’ve been here?
– To be honest, I’m quite new to this area so while I can’t speak to the changes that have taken place, I will say that I am happy we are a part of this community now.

Q: Where are your favorite places in the Silicon Beach that aren’t well known?
– Is it well known that TMZ is here in Silicon Beach? That’s my favorite place. I used to work there and they had free lunch on Fridays. Who doesn’t love free lunch? Fun times

Q: What was your first impression of the Silicon Beach, was it love at first sight or did it take time to adjust?
– First impression of Silicon beach was “how much are these condos because I’m definitely moving here one day”. I love this little hidden oasis.

Q: What area would you like to see improved the most?
– I’d like to see more of a retail presence here in the community.

Q: Are there any scenic routes you like to take when going out for the evening or for a regular trip to work?
– I love to drive down Jefferson and look at the beautiful wetlands.

Q: How would you best describe the atmosphere of the Silicon Beach, is there anything that stands out to you? I’d best describe the atmosphere as laid back and family oriented. Definitely positive vibes all around.

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in the area? Favorite restaurant is Dans Modern Chinese. Have you tried their crab fried rice?

Make sure to check out our welcome event for the community on January 16th, at Matte Argyle
~ Tiffany Aldaco

Matte Argyle
12775 Millenium Dr Suite 130
Playa Vista, CA 90094
(Across from Whole Foods)

T: (310) 751-6054

E: Web:


Abbey has been living and working in Playa Del Rey since August 2019


$10 EVERYDAY wholesome meals at $10 each, all day, everyday

  • $10 Chimichurri Chicken Plate
  • $10 Urban Grilled Chicken Salad
  • $10 Grilled Cage Free Chicken Sandwich
  • $10 Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
  • $10 Curry Tofu & Vegetable Braise
  • $10 Moroccan Chicken Braise
  • $10 Beets + Avocado Plant Based Bowl
  • $10 Chickpea + Sweet Potato Bowl $10 Three Up + Choose any 3 sides

$10 pricing applies only to dine in and take out. Delivery prices may vary.

Urban Plates – Playa Vista
12746-3 W. Jefferson Blvd
Playa Vista, CA 90094
P: (424) 256-7274


Olivia (Pepper) has been living in Playa Vista since December 2019


Is it the friendly staff, the quality food, or the top-notch customer service that makes you love a business? During the coronavirus pandemic, shopping small has become of utmost importance as businesses, restaurants and local stylists struggle to make ends meet.

Here are the Marina del Rey businesses that rose to the top, according to Patch readers:

Dr. Michael Billauer & Dr. Marci Reiss, 2901 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey

What people are saying: “Dr. Billauer is an excellent Chiropractor who cares about his patients. They go out of their way to help their patients.”

Creative Chakra Spa & Yoga, 3401 Pacific Ave #2a, Marina Del Rey

What people are saying: “The owner was the pink power ranger in the early 90’s doing stunts and she teaches chakra yoga & has had this business since 1998. Sandie works in the film business and has a niche clientele in that business in addition to having created the product line that has made Creative Chakra Spa famous for all these years.”

Petals ‘N’ Wax, 13432 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey

What people are saying: “Great scented diffusers, candles and cards. Items for fun, gifts, one of a kind items and MASK for a personal badge. Evelyn hands out mask and gloves as you shop, social distancing enforced and a great local person to chat about anything of the day. Gift wrapping is a plus too. Next to Barnes and Noble and the Coffee Bean and located in the Marina Marketplace off Maxella and Glencoe Ave. In Marina del Rey.”

Mercedes Bar & Grille, 14 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey

What people are saying: “She has always catered to her customers offering all that she could during this pandemic. She is local and has been here for us a long long time.”

Garrison has been living and working in Culver City since January 2017

Now You Know…

  1. Loves Janis Joplin
  2. Can’t ride a bike
  3. Was a High School champion swimmer
  4. Once ate 4 Dodgers Dogs at one baseball game
  5. Became a vegan for two months and quit
  6. Hates the smell of pot
  7. Fired his flakey friends
  8. Loves the salmon at Urban Plates in Playa Vista
  9. Once dreamed of being a Chippendale’s dancer in Vegas


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2. ***Whenever you commend, add your reasons for doing so; it is this which distinguishes the approbation of a man of sense from the flattery of sycophants and admiration of fools. —- Richard G., Playa Vista.

3. ***Mail theft – by the post office! Unbelievable … I received a card from my aunt yesterday, and somewhere en route a postal worker ripped open the envelope, took out her cash gift yet had the “generosity” to leave the card inside. I told my aunt to never send anything in a red envelope and to mail any kind of monetary presents electronically from now on. —– Teacher David, Mar Vista.

4. ***Lost Kitty. If anyone has seen Puma please get back to me. She s timid and might run. Grey and white long hair, about 2 years old. She was last seen on our Ring app climbing a tree in our backyard. We suspect her jumping into the neighbor’s yard to explore. We are worried and hope she will return for her safety. Our other kitty misses her dearly.  Between Cowan and Firebrand St. —– Alex Sturman, Playa Vista.

5. ***Award-winning *low cost *high impact press release writing and distribution service. Full 100% money-back guarantee. —–

6. ***My late Mother was not impulsive, she was not romantic, she was accustomed to viewing everything from the strong dispassionate ground of reason and calculation. —– Randy T., Playa Del Rey

7. ***I regrettably had dinner at Bull & Butterfly in Playa Vista with my girlfriend and her family. We ordered three plates of Spanish fried rice, a pan-roasted seabass, and two other dishes. After waiting for half an hour, we were informed that the Spanish fried rice and the seabass were suddenly unavailable. I literally thought it was a joke. It was not. Our waitress then stood right next to our table expecting everyone to instantly locate their second choices. We told her we needed a bit more time, so she left us alone for another 30 minutes. By then everyone was hungry and extremely annoyed. —- Atticus B., Los Angeles

8. ***Coyotes and other animals. Hello, I was walking near the sports park in playa vista at the sunset and one of the security patrols advised me against coyotes. I am not from LA, and now I am a little in a panic about coyotes and other animals since I walk everywhere with my child also in the Balloona wetlands path and the path next to LMU. —– Luana Rezaie, Playa Vista.

9. ***Gunshots at Howard Hughes this evening. Went to Kabuki this evening at 7:30 pm to pick up dinner. As I parked the car I noticed a man in the middle of the street watching something beyond my view. I got out of the car and I started towards the stairs when I heard what sounded like a firework go off and a bunch of children ages 9-12 came running around the corner and one child ended up on the steps with me and I asked if it was a firework. He was looking towards the street and I turned to see what he was looking at and there was another child probably no more than 16 walkings with a gun! I ran quickly up the stairs and told kabuki to lock the doors. I’m not sure they believed me at first until another customer came in and he too saw the gun. Several police showed up within minutes and took my report. Stay safe neighbors! I’ve been here for 5 years and have never been scared to pick up dinner. This is just a PSA to be aware of your surroundings. —– Lisa Galansky, Westchester.

10. ***Politically correct L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti now refers to the homeless as “unhoused”! How ridiculously  “woke” of him! —– Lauren W., Playa Vista.

11. ***Happy New Year from Fantastic Sams Westchester!! Happy New Year neighbors!! We have missed you all and wish everyone good health and much happiness in 2021!! —– Jennifer Genadry, Westchester.

12. ***It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that criminals are becoming bolder and bolder! They are convinced that police can’t or won’t do much of anything because they (the police) are both fearful and demoralized. The criminals are of course right and therefore crime has risen tremendously and will continue to rise. This is all the work of the radical liberal politicians that have been voted for time and time again in Los Angeles. We get what we voted for. —– Sandra B., Playa Del Rey.

 13. ***Found a pair of golden labs. Neighbors found a pair of golden labs; I currently have them in my back yard. Please call 562-818-3243 and ask for Ari —– Aristotle Angangco, Playa Vista. 

14. ***Let the buyer beware at J Nichols Kitchen in Marina. We ordered the Smokey Boar scramble, I added spinach at .75 which the menu reflects .50 to add, what’s worse is that our other order was with ham added that is $1.00 per the menu to add, and we were charged $7.00. This is absurd and the Manager (Michelle) couldn’t make logic of the upcharge since needless to say we didn’t get 7 times the amount of ham. The lesson here is to question everything and look at your bill. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!” —- Tina S., Los Angeles.

15. ***This woman came to our house on NYE wanting to “play music”. We are on Berger Ave in Playa Del Rey. Did this woman come to anyone else’s house? Very suspicious —- Vida Mahrouyan, Playa Del Rey.

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