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One does not need to be Einstein or Freud to grasp that Playa Vista is a world-class center for innovators for both today and tomorrow.

Literally every major tech firm — from Amazon to Google, from Facebook to YouTube, from Imax to TiVo, from Samsung to Yahoo, from ChowNow to Electronic Arts are growing virtually every day.

Without question, Playa Vista is ground-zero for Silicon Beach and then some.

People who work and live in Playa Vista are setting the agenda for tomorrow in Southern California and before long the world.

Now welcome to the new weekly digital magazine Playa Vista People, which will introduce you to the people behind the community the Wall Street Journal called “Tomorrow, Today.”

Playa Vista People ( will be seen weekly (each Thursday) from the leaders of Playa Vista and its surrounding communities: Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey and Westchester.

Talk about impact. Our weekly readers are smart, affluent, trend-setting and influential. Very valuable and extraordinary eye balls indeed.

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