November 14, 2019

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*PLAYA NEWS: Playa Production Begins on Film Adaptation of New York Times Bestselling Author Sylvain Reynard’s ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’:
PASSIONFLIX, the premium streaming service bringing romance novels to life, is excited to announce that production of the highly anticipated “Gabriel’s Inferno” has begun in Playa Vista. Adapted from New York Times bestselling author SYLVAIN REYNARD‘s novel, Gabriel’s Inferno is expected to premiere in late spring of 2020. Italian actor, GIULIO BERRUTI – a fan favorite, stars as Gabriel Emerson, a brilliant and enigmatic professor of Dante studies at the University of Toronto. His cold, aloof exterior masks dark secrets he successfully hides, but has never overcome. Australian actress, MELANIE ZANETTI, stars as Julianne Mitchell, a young woman struggling to overcome a childhood of neglect and abuse. When she enrolls at the University of Toronto, she knows she will see someone from her past – a man she met once in an encounter she has never forgotten. A captivating exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, “Gabriel’s Inferno” is a passionate tale of one man’s escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible…forgiveness and love. “Sylvain Reynard has created a beautiful story about two people who truly connect deep in their souls; there is no one else for them,” commented PASSIONFLIX Founder and CEO, TOSCA MUSK. “Gabriel and Julia are pure poetry and I cannot wait to bring them to life in a way that is true to the story.”
*PLAYA NEWS: From Theater Geekdom to TV Teen Angst, Landry Bender Looks for Balance | My Favorite Room in Playa Vista:
When actress LANDRY BENDER and her parents moved recently from mid-city to Playa Vista “to take advantage of the beach more,” she quickly shut down one part of the plan. AMY and TREY BENDER (both sportscasters) wanted to give their daughter more space within the 1,300-square-foot townhouse by tearing out her bedroom’s built-in bookcase. “I was like, ‘No, this is the best part of the whole room!’ I’ve been wanting something like this for a while to display all my mementos, coffee table books and knickknacks,” said Bender, 19, who stars in Hulu’s “Looking for Alaska,” which premiered last month.
*PLAYA NEWS: December Democratic debate to be held at Playa’s Loyola Marymount University:
The Democratic National Committee announced on Friday that Loyola Marymount University in Playa Vista will host the sixth Democratic presidential candidates’ debate on December 19. The new location comes after the DNC announced earlier in the week that the debate would not be held at the University of California, Los Angeles, due to a labor dispute between the university and a local union, according to an email the DNC sent to the Democratic candidates. PBS NewsHour and Politico will co-host the debate. “We welcome the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to campus, continuing LMU’s long-standing tradition of rigorous inquiry, debate, and civic engagement,” LMU President TIMOTHY LAW SNYDER said in a statement. “As a nationally renowned, highly ranked university in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions, LMU is a destination for world leaders whose ideas confront humankind’s most challenging issues. Together, we seek to create the world we want to live in.” The December debate will require a new set of qualifying benchmarks that candidates must meet in order to participate. Candidates must receive 4% in at least four national or early state polls that meet the DNC’s criteria or 6% in two early state polls, all of which must be released between October 16 and December 12. Candidates will also have to have received donations by December 12 from at least 200,000 unique donors, with a minimum of 800 from at least 20 different states.
*PLAYA–UPDATE: Speed Feedback Signals in Del Rey:
Two new speed feedback signals were installed by an LADOT Official crew on Inglewood Boulevard (at Hammack Street and McDonald Street) in Del Rey this month. The digital monitors alert drivers when they are driving faster than the legal speed limit to deter them from speeding in the neighborhood. Thanks to neighbor GENEEN ESTRADA and MATT WERSINGER of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council, who both worked with Mike’s office to get this safety upgrade installed.
*PLAYA–UPDATE: Lincoln Boulevard Sidewalk Repairs:
Thanks to the Bureau of Street Services for repaving a stretch of sidewalk on Lincoln Boulevard in Westchester. The new sidewalk will offer neighbors walking to and from the recreation center a safer route as they enjoy the neighborhood.
*PLAYA–BUSINESS: Playa’s Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Partners with Gaussin:
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) announced a strategic partnership with leading French transport and logistics engineering corporation Gaussin  for the creation and  supply of the new AIV HyperloopTT electric self-driving vehicles that will carry and transfer containers for the Hyperloop Freight System. The AIV HyperloopTT will have the task of carrying containers from the port storage area up to the HyperloopTT freight capsule and transferring them using a lateral transfer module that has existing and proven capability in other rail-road logistics applications. Precision docking with the capsule and rapid transfer of containers directly into the capsule will allow continuous supply to the capsules, shortening station stops and thus maximizing the flexibility of the HyperloopTT solution and reducing overall cost. “We are very happy with this partnership, which allows the integration of Gaussin solutions into an efficient, safe, and clean mobility concept that will revolutionise the transport of passengers and goods,” said CHRISTOPHE GAUSSIN, Managing Director of the Gaussin Group. “This partnership has enabled us to leverage our expertise in the field of electric driverless container transport and port activities, which is the legacy business of Gaussin.” “Gaussin will play a critical role in bringing our freight solutions to reality,” said ANDRES DE LEON, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. “The interest in bringing Hyperloop to the world’s overcrowded ports and freight systems is very high. Because of the system’s speed, efficiency, economic benefits, and low carbon footprint, Hyperloop is on its way to becoming the new standard in transport solutions for the 21st century. With a global industry leader like Gaussin a major puzzle piece for Hyperloop freight systems has been solved.”
CLAIRE loves dancing in Playa Vista.
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*PLAYA–INTERVIEW: Nancy Pelegrino, Realtor at Pelegrino Properties:
1. Where were you born?  I was born in Chicago. 2. Where do you work, and where did you go for your job training? There is no job training for Real Estate. You get your license, find a brokerage, hopefully get hired and go to work! 3. How did you end up in Playa Vista? I have been watching Playa Vista since the day it started. 4. Where are your favorite places to go on weekends? I don’t go out on week-ends because it’s too crowded, but I love having lunch in Playa Vista and always find the people watching to be very interesting. 5. Any local traffic shortcuts that you would choose to share? There are no shortcuts to getting to Playa Vista. It is really centrally located between Playa Del Rey and Marina Del Rey, so its not difficult to find. 6. How do you recommend people find a good realtor in the area? I am the realtor for the area and I feel strongly that Playa Vista will continue to grow and become a self sustaining community.
*PLAYA VISTA PEOPLE–Only Originals Allowed!:
1. *** A year ago, I used to see security guards all over the Runway shopping area. Now, I never see any. What happened? 2. ***Buckle up for the dessert prices at the lovely Café Del Rey in Marina Del Rey.
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