October 24, 2019

A poll of Playa Vista People readers last week delivered an average failing grade of “D-“ to Councilman MIKE BONIN on his handling of the homeless problem in the area, stinging the councilman with comments including “failed radical leftist hack” and “a man much more concerned with the rights of drug addicts and criminals than decent taxpaying, law-abiding citizens”. Readers also strongly criticized the police for “refusing to enforce the law,” according to hundreds of Playa readers. Many readers also had very harsh comments for L.A. Mayor ERIC GARCETTI, with several calling him the “Worst Mayor in L.A. history” and demanded recall.
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*PLAYA NEWS: Don’t Wait to Train Your Pet, Says Playa’s PetSpace:
Parents don’t wait until their kids need to read to start teaching them their ABCs. It’s the same with dogs. Training them early not only gives them guidelines for appropriate behavior—it also provides them with the comfort and stability that comes with living within boundaries. “The biggest mistake pet owners make is not putting enough priority in their pet’s training until a problem arises,” says ELEASHA GALL, a certified professional dog trainer at Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista, California. “Training isn’t just about tricks or obedience. It’s also critical for developing communication tools between a pet parent and their companion animal.” In fact, the ideal time to learn how to train your pet—or to find a trainer—is before adopting. “Learn what to do in advance, to avoid being overwhelmed when welcoming a new pet to the home,” says Gall. “Even previous dog owners who think they have enough experience could do well with classes for their pet. One of the most common attendees of training sessions are other trainers. There’s always opportunity for more learning and bonding.” Also, don’t believe these dog training myths that can hurt your puppy.
*PLAYA NEWS: Playa’s Office Market Remains Hot:
The office rental market in Los Angeles County held steady in the third quarter as technology, entertainment and co-working companies kept up their long-running demand for new space. The Westside, where parts of Santa Monica and Playa Vista are known as Silicon Beach, remained the high-end draw.
*Top 5 Reasons to Live in Playa Vista:
Whether it’s new luxury homes, buzzworthy eateries or the creative tech hub, Playa Vista is the sought-after lifestyle destination in Silicon Beach. Living here means being close to everything you want and need—and it’s a way of life you won’t find anywhere else on the Westside. Here are the top five reasons to call Playa Vista home. 1.    New Single-Family Luxury Homes: It’s not every day you find a new home on the Westside with more space, bluff views, luxury and convenience in a prime location. At Playa Vista, you can discover rare single-family homes where sophistication meets contemporary style at The Collection by Brookfield Residential. Here, decks and side yards bring the kind of indoor-outdoor living you’ll love, and private elevators come together with inviting living spaces. 2.    Lifestyle – It’s All Right Here: When you call Playa Vista home, you’re never more than a short walk from the community’s crave-worthy restaurants and trendy shops at Runway, 29 urban parks and The Resort, the resident activity hub and ultimate spot for fitness and relaxation. Plus, there’s always a community event happening, and every Saturday marks the famed weekly Playa Vista Farmers’ Market. 3.    Close to It All: Just 1.5 miles to the beach and about 10 minutes from Abbot Kinney and LAX, Playa Vista is right where you want to be and near everything else. Even closer, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey and Venice Beach are all the right places for surfing, shopping, tasting, art, music or just hanging out. To make things that much easier, Playa Vista offers Daily and Beach Shuttles so you can get around without getting in your car. 4.    Tech Hub at The Campus: With technology, media and creative powerhouses in The Campus at Playa Vista, innovation is everywhere, and you can be just a bike ride away from work. From Google, Yahoo and YouTube Space LA to IMAX and 72andSunny, you’re connected to exciting opportunities with some of today’s most notable visionaries. After all, it is called Silicon Beach. 5.    Sustainability: Playa Vista has always made sustainability a top priority, and it has the initiatives to prove it. Dubbed “LA’s Urban Model” by the Los Angeles Times, it’s a community that integrates innovative water conservation techniques, eco-friendly building materials and public art, smart design and walkability. What’s more, it’s set aside 70% of its original design as parks and preserved open space—because it’s all about the future.
ROMA and ANDREA loving whispering in Playa Vista.
If this were a cruise ship, this work-space would be the lido deck.
*PLAYA VISTA PEOPLE–Only Originals Allowed!:
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SYLVIA WILSON has lived in Westchester with her family for nearly ten years. She is a UCLA graduate, received her J.D. from USC Gould of School of Law, and has worked for the County of Los Angeles as an attorney for the past 18 years. Even as an accomplished lawyer who is raising a family, Sylvia has somehow managed to make time to also give back to the Westchester community and beyond. Mrs. Wilson is an active member at the University Church where she launched the Church’s Cultural Eats Program, which celebrates cultural diversity through food and conversation. She was recently elected to the Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council where she will represent the Kentwood community. Sylvia is also a part of the MOMS Club of Westchester and Playa del Rey and the Los Angeles volunteer organization, LA Works.
1. ***I honestly believe that the Joker himself couldn’t design any more uncomfortable chairs or stools than the ones in Starbucks in Playa Vista. I’d rather stick a butter knife in my eye than sit on them for extended periods of time. They have rapidly changed into a to-go coffee-shop with good lighting. 2. ***It’s an odd thing with the staff at Panini Café in Playa Vista, which delivers good food at fair prices. Half of the staff seem friendly, while the others have a warmth that would make Frigidaire proud.
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Dave Inc., developer of a mobile app for financial management, announced October 1st that it had raised $50 million from Palo Alto-based growth equity investors Norwest Venture Partners. The funding will be used to continue the rollout of the Santa Monica-based startup’s checking account program, which launched in June with Memphis, Tenn.-based partner Evolve Bank & Trust.  “With this new funding round, we’ll be able to expand the company within the L.A. tech community and plan to aggressively hire up to 100 more team members across engineering, product, marketing and customer success,” Chief Executive JASON WILK said.
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