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Molly has been living in Culver City since January 2017
FUN FACT: Is heterosexual but loves going to Lesbian bars.


A public meeting is set this month for a Culver City project that would replace a post office, Coco’s restaurant and Valvoline with an over 200-unit, mixed-use development. On May 25, virtual community meeting focused on a development planned 11111 Jefferson Boulevard will take place from 6-8 p.m. The Community Meeting on the Project will begin at 6:00 P.M. and end at approximately 7:00 P.M. and will be followed by the Public Meeting on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) at approximately 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. The 3.43-acre (149,553 square foot) property is currently developed with three single-story commercial buildings, surface parking, a parking lot that serves the proximate Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF). Among the tenets include a post office, Coco’s restaura nt and Valvoline.

The development would construct up to 230 residential dwelling units, 19 of which would be affordable to very low income households, for a total of up to 244,609 sf of residential area including the residential lobby and amenity room; up to 55,050 sf of ground floor retail area, including a 38,600 sf market, 10,600 sf of restaurants, 3,900 sf of retail, and a 1,950 sf gym/studio fitness center; and up to 11,450 sf of second floor office uses within a five story building.

The building would be constructed atop one level of subterranean vehicular parking, with parking also provided on the first and second floor of the building. There would be a total of 653 parking stalls (308 stalls for residential, 311 stalls for commercial, and 34 spaces for an off-site use, the ECF). Vehicular access to the Project Site would be provided from three driveways: one on Sepulveda Boulevard at Janisann Avenue and two on Machado Road. The driveway on Sepulveda Boulevard and the east driveway on Machado Road (closer to Jefferson Boulevard) would serve retail, market, and office uses. The west driveway on Machado Road opposite Heritage Place would provide access for resident and resident guest parking, and for ECF parking all located below grade. A proposed traffic signal is also proposed at the intersection of Janisann Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard.

The project would include private and publicly accessible open space, including: a public park at the corner of Machado Road and Sepulveda Boulevard, a public paseo area with an interior courtyard adjacent to the ground floor retail uses at the intersection of Sepulveda Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard, and an open air courtyard at the third level of the development to serve the residential units. Project construction would occur in one phase and is anticipated to commence as early as the second quarter of 2022 and be completed by the third quarter of 2024 for a total of approximately 26 months. The Draft EIR can be viewed or downloaded at the  Culver City Current Planning Division website.

The public review period for the Draft EIR begins on May 6. 2021 and ends on June 21, 2021. Written comments should be received by the City on or before June 21, 2021. Written comments should be labeled with “Subject: 11111 Jefferson Boulevard Mixed-Use Project Draft EIR” and be directed via email to Michael Allen or by mail to; Michael Allen, Current Planning Manager City of Culver City Current Planning Division 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232. The meetings will be held in an online format using Zoom. You may join, view, and participate in the meeting by using the Zoom application, by your web browser, or by phone. Register for the virtual meeting by visiting:11111 Jefferson Zoom Meeting


Metro and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) on Thursday morning relaunched an improved Metro Bike Share System on the Westside in time for Bike Month in May. Above is a recording of the media event held next to the E Line’s Expo/Bundy Station.

Metro has reinstalled 54 bike share stations and has plans to add 13 additional stations for a total of 67 in Westside communities, including Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, Playa Vista and surrounding areas. Stations now feature Metro’s Classic Metro Bikes and docking stations for greater ease-of-use and accessibility for new and current Metro Bike Share members.

by Councilman Mike Bonin

“I share the universal frustration and anger with our unprecedented homelessness crisis, and I am channeling that frustration and anger into projects and programs to get people out of encampments in our neighborhoods, off the streets, and into housing and shelter. For years, as homelessness has gotten worse nationally and locally, I have been fighting for quick and cost-effective solutions that other politicians are finally embracing, like shared housing and the purchase of motels. In this year’s budget, the mayor and I are proposing enhanced mental health and substance abuse services for the Westside. We are opening new homeless housing near LAX this coming week, and I am proposing tiny homes and other solutions throughout my district. I have also called for a federal consent decree to force the City and County of Los Angeles to take fast, aggressive and lasting action to address the crisis.

“I am also leading efforts to reimagine public safety in Los Angeles so that we are deploying police officers wisely and appropriately. By hiring trained social workers to respond to calls about mental health crises and homelessness, and by moving armed officers out of routine traffic enforcement, we can free up resources so police officers can focus on violent crime, property crime, and neighborhood patrols. It is a way we can make sure people feel safe in every neighborhood in Los Angeles.

“Both homelessness and public safety require big, systemic changes. Those changes won’t be easy, but they are necessary, and we can’t let up.”


They have shared the same city since 1984 and same arena since 1999, but the degree to which the Lakers and Clippers have circled one another reached a new level in the summer of 2019. With their Playa Vista practice facility undergoing renovations, the Clippers hosted workouts at an El Segundo high school less than a half mile from the Lakers’ facility. Inside their temporary office space about a mile further south, Clippers executives took cover during an earthquake late on the night of July 5 — then shook the rivalry themselves a few hours later by trading for Paul George and landing Kawhi Leonard, the free agent both teams had wooed and waited on during the previous days.

Their orbits could draw closer than ever in just two weeks, should the looming possibility of the first postseason series between Staples Center’s co-tenants become reality. And yet not since both franchises assembled star-studded rosters two years ago has one of their regular-season meetings been marked by such a gulf between them as Thursday’s 118-94 Clippers victory. Paul George scored 24 points, and the Clippers outscored the Lakers by 26 points in his 31 minutes.

Kyle Kuzma scored a game-high 25 for the Lakers. “I thought our intensity was great from [the] jump,” George said. “We was in attack mode. We got to the paint, made extra plays and I thought defensively we was just locked in on the game plan.” Ominous signs flashed from well before tipoff. Without LeBron James — whose right ankle will cause him to miss Friday’s game against Portland, as well, in a matchup loaded with seeding significance if the Lakers hope to steer clear of the play-in tournament — and Dennis Schroder and Talen Horton-Tucker, the Lakers played without three of their primary ballhandlers. Coach Frank Vogel could only laugh before tipoff when asked who would play emergency point guard behind Alex Caruso.


Ashley lives and works in Culver City since August 2019
FUN FACT: Ashley plays classical piano music.

1978 — Jay Adams, Marina Del Rey Skate Park


Melanie has been working in Playa Vista since August 2019
FUN FACT: She has never flown on an airplane.


Go ahead and post pics of these bright buns before taking a bite, because that’s part of the appeal of a new burger place in Culver City. Flower Burger, which sells plant-based “burger” patties between brightly colored buns, opened its first U.S. location in Culver City this week. “The concept just spoke to me. It had all the things I loved, vibrant colors, healthy ingredients,” said Elena Platt, who along with her husband David Platt are the owners of the first American location of the small chain, which was originally launched in Milan, Italy, in 2015.

The burgers’ buns come in several bright colors that are meant not just to be eaten, but also posted on social media such as Instagram, she said. But not everyone can show off their buns online just yet since the new spot is operating as a delivery-only kitchen serving the surrounding Culver City area available via services such as Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. But there are plans to eventually open a brick and mortar location in West Hollywood this summer.

For now, those who live in the vicinity can order items such as the Jungle Burger, which comes with a bright green bun, an oat and red bean patty and oven baked zucchini. The green color comes from a mix of spirulina powder and turmeric. If you want something even brighter, there’s the Spicy Chickpea burger which comes in a turmeric-colored yellow bun and is made with a chickpea patty and spinach. There’s also the Flower Burger, made with a violet bun colored with purple carrot extract and red bean patty. But the prettiest of them all could be the Cherry Bomb, which is made with a lentil-based patty b.


CVS Health will now accept walk-in COVID-19 appointments at its locations across the country, including its Marina del Rey location. The pharmacy announced Wednesday appointments will no longer be necessary. Same-day scheduling, including appointments as soon as one hour from the time of scheduling, will now be available online. You can check online to see if appointments are available or booked. In Marina del Rey, CVS Health is located at 13171 Mindanao Way.


Best of Los Angeles Award – 2020 Best Electrician
Mike Packham Electric, a local family-run skilled electrician team, provides electrical and lighting needs for Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Del Rey, Westchester, Venice, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

T: (310) 430-4174


MEET Oliva and Hope.
Masking up Marina Del Rey.


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Britta self dying her hair Westchester
FUN FACT: Britta dyes her cat’s hair too.  

1. ***Confession time! In my last year at Loyola, I had underestimated the rascality of my roommate, who had replaced my shoelaces with spaghetti yet again. —– Dana W., Westchester

2. ***The P.R. Revolutions is underway. Witness here: .

3. ***Urban Plates in Playa Vista – Now Hiring: Apply online:

 4. ***The food at Earth Wind and Flour in Santa Monica on Wilshire used to be quite good but it’s taken a big fall since the pandemic and has lost much of its magic. The food just doesn’t taste the same. Disappointed! —- Dennis O., Marina Del Rey.

 5. *** it’s a 1,2,3 punch — massive government spending, aggressive taxation, open borders, woke fascism — that’s what all Americans are facing even though many have no clue. —- Arthur L., Culver City.

6. ***It seems that all Congressman Maxine Waters ever does is rant and foment rioting and civil disobedience. Has her district improved under her leadership? I think the answer is obvious. She’s a phony who conned voters for decades. —– Cynthia Rose, Culver City.

7. ***Not so wonderful things I saw on my walk today. This syringe was between parked cars on Bonaparte. I saw another near the park today. I’d much prefer to post the lovely photos Marie Atake posts of her walks in the neighborhood. Sadly, this is the darker side of what is going on. —– Elizabeth Weinberger, Del Rey

8. ***Homeless. Are any elected officials addressing ways to get control of the crime and those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues? I just hear a talk on offering homes, but that’s just one part of a bigger problem. I mean, is anyone even acknowledging this? Also, aren’t there homeless places open currently that aren’t being used? How is it they want to build more IF this is the case (I could be wrong)? This is frustrating for everyone involved (and yes, I’ll be voting).  —– Aron Minx, Mar Vista

9. ***We cannot sit back and allow our politicians to turn Westchester into a skid row. So let’s get busy and try to put some of these things into effect. Please write me back and let me know what you think. I think we should have weekly meetings to push this agenda forward. I see no reason why we should be opposed to this effort as it is all in the public good and safety of our community and future generations. —- Vincent Sulatis, Westchester

10. ***I’m a CONSERVATIVE, independent-thinking black man who rejects the idea that I have to vote for the woke-Left because of my skin color! While Maxine Waters and her devotees want to call me all sorts of terrible names, I’m hoping that I can simply call you a friend and supporter of my campaign! —- Joe Collins.

11. ***Playa Del Rey. Car vandalism. I discovered this morning that someone “keyed” my Lexus that was parked in Redlands overnight. A few weeks ago, someone dumped some leftover food on my car hood. While I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that the is a hate crime. I am one of the few Asian Americans living in Redlands street. In any event, it seems that crime is escalating even in Playa del Rey. be careful. —- Tony Ching, Playa Del Rey.

12. ***”There is a lot of competition for bad coffee shops in LA but the winner for all time worse has to go to 10 Speed coffee in Santa Monica. Arrogant, widely overpriced, and dripping with BLM decoration, not to mention an oven that doesn’t work. This place is a disaster.” – Abby W., Marina Del Rey. 

13. ***Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s name has surfaced again as a possible nominee for a position in the Biden administration, five months after he said he had turned down a federal post. Please! Please dear God, get him out of L.A., which he has totally ruined. —– Dr. Sandra G., Marina Del Rel.

14. ***Given its appearance I now call Lincoln Ave. – “Stinkin Ave.’” —– Dudley G., Marina Del Rey.

15. ***I told my sister who lives in Playa Del Rey and is going through a divorce with three kids, that heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. —– Marilyn W., Playa Vista.

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