Playa Vista People 01/13/2022


Jupiter has been living in Playa Vista since November 2018


Do you like the food at Urban Plates in Playa Vista?
Do you shop at the Whole Foods in Playa Vista?
Do you like the burgers at Hopdoddy in Playa Vista?
Have you gone to the Urgent Care in Playa Vista?
Do you think the staff at CVS in Playa Vista is friendly?


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Harper has been living in Westchester since October 2014


Did you love the movie “The Godfather”?
Do you read books at night before sleep?
Do most of your friends smoke pot at least once a week?
Have you ever had any surgery?
Do you crack your knuckles?
Do you have a secret crush on Brad Pitt?


Plants galore in Playa del Rey.


Wendi has lived and worked in Playa Vista since January 2019


Is modeling fun?
Do you like popcorn?
Do you eat fast food?
Have you gone swimming naked in the last year?
Do you watch baseball?
Have you ever kissed a woman?
Did your parents teach you to drive?


Send your nomination for the best and worst restaurant in our community – Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Playa del Rey, and Westchester.

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Killer Cafe Relaunched as Killer Shrimp:

In the former Killer Cafe space in Marina del Rey at 4213 Admiralty Way, the team behind Killer Shrimp will be opening their new venture. While the 24-hour American diner concept of Killer Cafe didn’t work out, the Killer Team is betting that their new take on food will be. According to Toddrickallen, rumors were that a sushi restaurant would replace Killer Cafe and renovations began in the space. Fast forward to December 2021 and the signs finally went up to identify the new restaurant as Killer Sushi. So, the name and the concept have changed, but the Killer Shrimp team has moved forward with a new idea in the space. It will be most interesting to see what the Killer Team comes up with.


Mo’s Place

Outdoor Dining • Indoor Dining • Takeout

Mo’s Mexican Jalapeño Burger smothered in jalapeños and jack cheese.

Mo’s Place

203 Culver Blvd, Playa del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 822-6422


What a dream! At Escape Day Spa in Playa Vista. Was able to schedule deep tissue the same day over the phone and street parking was super easy to find. The front desk was friendly and helpful. The spa is modern, cozy, cute, and clean. Asat was great at deep tissue, always checked in on me with pressure, and worked out some tight spots on my body. He was also very polite, asked me about allergies, injuries, areas to focus on, and if I had any questions. I look forward to going back for massages and trying some skin treatments as well!


Pics from early morning sunrise Lincoln to the 90. Enjoy! Photo by Lydia Matkovich. Send your photos of the community – Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Playa del Rey and Westchester – to us for publication.

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Family Dispute in Playa del Rey Leads to Stabbing, Police Say:

A man was allegedly stabbed to death by his son after an argument escalated into violence in Playa del Rey, according to broadcast reports. Los Angeles Police Department officers were called at 6 p.m. Tuesday to a home in the 200 block of Redlands Street after a report that two people had been stabbed, including a 70-year-old man, said LAPD Officer Lizeth Lomeli. CBS 2 identified the victim as the father of the suspect. The father, who was stabbed multiple times, died at the scene, Lomeli said. A search was initiated for the suspect and police identified a man who they say matched witnesses’ description and drove away from the scene.


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Petals ‘n’ Wax

Petals ‘n’ Wax features many items that make people smile! FREE GIFT WRAP with Purchase.

Petals ‘n’ Wax
Villa Marina Marketplace Mall
13432 Maxella Ave.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Hours 10 to 6 Every Day
(310) 305-8883


Delicious desserts at Urban Plates in Playa Vista. WATCH


Should employees who take in-person roles be compensated for COVID risk?

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1. ** A quick but sincere question. Do the police even try to stop crime anymore? It seems they have totally given up. —- Roger S., Playa Vista

2. ** Burglary. Our van was burglarized around midnight on 83rd and Reading Ave. —- Joey Brezinski, Westchester

3. ** LOST PUPPY – Lost Tweedle Dum on Seawalk Drive in Playa Vista. She has a pink harness and blue leash from Pet Space in Playa Vista. She is frightened and shy. Please let me know if you have seen her. Contact Information: Vida S. (818) 631-6268

4. ** I was at Starbucks, in the drive-thru, the person in front of me paid my bill and left, leaving me happy holidays wishes. I decided then to pay the bill for the two cars behind me. Thank you so much for your kindness —- Samy Bekkair

5. ** The loss of your dog is exactly the kind of thing your dog would’ve helped you through. —- Rhonda Q., Westchester

6. ** I really enjoy Urban Plates in Playa Vista, but it is sooooooooooo cold inside the restaurant in the winter with all the doors open. Quite uncomfortable. —- Darcy Z., Playa Vista

7.** I have found over time that for a reminder-through-association to work well it needs to be distinctive – something out of place that will catch the eye. To remind yourself to mail a stack of bills in the morning, for example, you might put a tennis ball on top of them. —- Ava P., Westchester

8. ** My daughter and I went to Miyako on Ocean Park in Santa Monica for dinner tonight. We have been going there for like 10 years. Tonight, it seems like the employees were scattered and in a rush. It took the waitress 20 minutes to pick up our check. We almost left without paying (doubt they would notice). I’m sorry to say I don’t think we will come back and their prices have skyrocketed. —- Ilana Klaz

9. ** When I was growing up in Culver City, my sister was clearly the favored child – she has a later curfew and gets away with things I never could! Last week, my sister died of a drug overdose four blocks from where we grew up. —- Mia C., Culver City

10. ** I never expected to meet my soul-mate in the produce section of Whole Foods in Playa Vista, but you’re my black swan, Belle. I love you. And now things will never be the same for me. —- Darin H., Playa Vista

11. ** It appears a letter writing campaign looking to halt the building of a temporary homeless shelter across from an elementary school worked. Councilmember Mike Bonin’s office confirmed in an email that “it’s not going to happen.” —- Robert Hansen, Westchester

12. ** Google Search data from 2021 shows a world still finding its footing after a year of uncertainty. Discover how P.R. Prime can help you stay nimble in a rapidly changing marketplace. —-

13. ** I’m the Senior Story Producer on The Dr. Phil show and I’m putting together a potential episode re: the current homeless situation on the west side in Los Angeles. This will be a discussion / respectful debate for anyone who is passionate about the topic in any capacity and also will attempt to explore potential solutions. If anyone is interested in being considered as a potential guest, please reach out. —- Jennifer Sellar

14. ** Looking to sell a beautiful sleeper couch. Impeccable condition. Purchased 10 months ago. Never slept on. Moving, need to sell. 84” long by 40” deep. OK?…Between you and me, I’m not moving, however it sounds good as to why selling. If interested, please contact Catherine Jonas at 310-413-1277

15. ** Honest to God, the restaurant Bull and Butterfly in Playa Vista is closed more than it is opened. —- Oliver M., Playa Vista

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