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Should controversial Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón be recalled?

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Melanie has been living in Marina del Rey since February 2009


Do you like Disco?
Do you like Sushi?
Do you bake?
Do you swear?
Are you in love?
Do you drive a Tesla?
Have you ever been arrested?
Did your parents smoke?


LEMF CEO Lela Christine, Collette V. Smith, Jordyn Curet, and Tashiba CEO Matte Argyle in Playa Vista.


Henri has been living and working in Playa del Rey since August 2009


Do you like jazz music?
Have you been drunk in the last month?
Do you eat bananas regularly?
Do you take baths regularly?
Do you visit strip clubs?
Have you had a moving traffic violation last year?
Do you think these questions are outrageous?
Do you regret doing them?


Many argue the properties behind the arch on Hammock Lane are among the most beautiful and extraordinary in Playa Vista.


Sandra lives and works in Culver City

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The ultimate Man Cave in Westchester. Send your photos to us for publication.

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Ritrovo Playa Vista

Creator Platform Spotter of Playa Vista Raises $200 Million:

Spotter, Inc. has raised $200 million in its latest financing round, bringing the company’s total raised to $755 million since its founding in 2019. The Playa Vista-based creator monetization platform, whose chief executive is Aaron DeBevoise, previously underwent three rounds of financing. The latest investment was led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, giving Spotter a valuation of $1.7 billion and enabling it to invest $1 billion directly into the YouTube creators that make up its client base. Conceived to help members of the creator economy who post on YouTube grow their brands, Spotter utilizes proprietary predictive technology to evaluate the future worth of creators’ content and then license it for up-front cash. To date, Spotter has already paid more than $350 million to popular YouTubers such as Mr. Beast, Dude Perfect, and Like Nastya for hundreds of thousands of videos that have generated over 40 billion monthly watch-time minutes.


Petals ‘n’ Wax

Petals ‘n’ Wax features many items that make people smile! FREE GIFT WRAP with Purchase.

Petals ‘n’ Wax
Villa Marina Marketplace Mall
13432 Maxella Ave.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Hours 10 to 6 Every Day
(310) 305-8883

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Alvin L. Culver City:

I’ve come to believe that the amount of unreported crime in our city is staggeringly far, far more than any estimate than any reliable source seems to be willing to report. Why do I say that? Because I’ve talked to the countless number of business owners, homeowners, tourists, and tenants in our area who all report a similar story. They no longer bother to call the police about a crime because they are convinced that the police won’t do anything anyway. This is a sad situation for the area and strongly indicates that the amount of reported crime is vastly lower than the actual crime numbers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “why call the police? They don’t do anything anyway and even if they did do something people will be let out the same day.”


Hayden playing with makeup in Marina del Rey. Send your photos in to us for publication.

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View from Marina del Rey courtesy of Darnell Kemp. Send in your photos for publication.

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PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Michelle Dinh, Del Rey:

My friends live in Marina del Rey and they were targeted by these criminals 2 weeks ago and again 1 week ago. The burglars attempted the entrance code with no success, arrived with tools and a dolly to roll the goods away. They used a crowbar to pry the front door open and then broke into every storage room, damaging each lock and stealing private properties. Please #Share and reply if you’ve caught the same criminals on your camera. We have to put them behind the bar together! One criminal is about 5’7″ overweight. Second, medium build 6’ – Police will not investigate unless each family would call and report the crime.


The intriguing hand of one of our readers in Playa del Rey. Send in your photos for publication.

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A fun afternoon of Chinese New Year celebrations at the Runway Shopping Center in Playa Vista. WATCH


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1. ** Sagittarius Female – Gives Rejuvenating Massage – 310-458-6798

2. ** Images of the homeless population I face every day, they aren’t disappearing. We must make it better. —- Leslie Michele Clarke, Marina del Rey

3. ** My favorite place to walk in the area is Burton Chace Park —- Min Mac, Westchester

4. ** Now Open! – Ballona Wetlands walking trail on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 8 AM – 1 PM. The gate to enter is on Fiji Way across the street from Whiskey Reds/Fisherman’s Village. Highly recommended!!! 13870-13880 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey —- Peter S., Marina del Rey

5. ** Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with somebody by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. It has become so common that Merriam-Webster added a definition in 2017. Let me offer a definition. People who do it a total are complete sick assholes —- Dr. Selma B. Psychologist, Marina del Rey

6. ** The only way things will ever change in PdR and LA is doing something bold, something new. For Traci Park for L.A. City Council meant stepping up to the challenge to be our new council member. For me, that means volunteering to push forward her incredible grassroots campaign. —- Lucy Han, Playa del Rey

7. ** Can you f—king believe Stockard Channing is 78? —- Neil K., Westchester

8. ** I’m collecting signatures to have an initiative put on the ballot this November to propose repealing the death tax imposed by Prop 19, which narrowly passed in 2020. Don’t know if you remember, but as it was advertised, it emphasized implementing tax benefits for wildfire victims, disabled citizens, and seniors, but failed to explain that the measure repealed tax benefits to homeowners given by Prop 13, who wish to leave their homes to their children or grandchildren. —- Kathy Rosenfeld, Westchester

9. ** Get all sides of the story with vital “fearlessly independent” coverage from the LBN Examiner. From “unbiased” news to trusted analysis, let one of the world-leading information sources help you understand the impact of today’s most important stories. —-

10. ** I would like to bring to the attention of my Playa del Rey neighbors that an incident occurred at a condominium property on Manitoba Street on Monday evening (February 14, approximately 9:13 pm) where an intruder was able to drive into the garage and walk around the property. He was eventually seen by our security staff on-site, who called 911. —- Ted Baca, Playa del Rey

11. ** Tonight Loyola U had a huge on-campus party that was so loud the interior walls of houses blocks away vibrated. I could hear it at my house half-mile away. Walking my dog I realized the sound was echoing all around the Loyola Village neighborhood. A neighbor was having a panic attack and it didn’t help. Another neighbor on Belton (that’s close) has a newborn premie trying to sleep. —- Becky Thaler, Loyola Village

12. ** Do you know anyone, one single person who reads the L.A. Times anymore? —- Sam H., Culver City

13. ** Alex is an excellent and caring massage therapist at Escape Day Spa in Playa Vista. —- Emma V., Playa del Rey

14. ** I do wish the zombie millennials in my neighborhood would only give, just once, the same amount of reflection to what we want to get out of life that we give to the question of what to do with a two weeks’ vacation. —- Yardley P., Playa Vista

15. ** At a restaurant last week in Marina del Rey, a group of tourists fresh off the plane wouldn’t stop talking, and I actually fell asleep listening to them prattle. —- Devin H., Marina del Rey

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