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Madison has lived in Marina del Rey since September 2017


Do you have any scars?
Do you check your horoscope?
Do you believe in psychics?
Do you have a secret talent?
Have you ever broken a bone?


Are these ladies in Culver City working hard or hardly working?

Playa Vista • Marina del Rey • Culver City • Playa del Rey • Westchester

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Herbert lives and works in Westchester


Is the price of popcorn in the movie theater insulting?
Are people who return phone calls with emails or text messages losers?
Have you dreamed of having sex with Linda Ronstadt more than once?
Have you never dreamed of having sex with Barry Manilow?
Did most of your ex-girlfriends have a drinking problem?
Do you love archery?
Do you miss Ed Sullivan?


Playa Reader Peyton H.’s cat Harlow is a big PVP fan.


Sudds & Sunshine Cloth Diaper Services LLC

Why did you choose to conduct my business affairs in the Silicon Beach area? How did you get there?
–I grew up in Playa del Rey and lived there for over 20 years and moved to smaller communities after and decided six daughters later I would start my own cloth diaper and plant-based weekly diaper delivery service. The environment is important to a lot of people and I’m just trying my best to keep diapers out of landfills. I felt this community is family friendly and supports the eco-friendly lifestyle so that’s why I chose this area.

What has been your greatest success in your career? How has it influenced your business?
–Sudds & Sunshine Cloth Diaper Services LLC is new and I’m excited to start this journey trying to protect the environment. I have used cloth diapers on my children and now discovered there is an easier option of a plant-based, eco-friendly disposable diaper that I pick up weekly and take to a bio-active landfill and they turn the waste to energy!

What is your favorite business in the Silicon Beach area? What makes them special?
–Well, I have to say I don’t particularly have a favorite because I like a lot of the shops on the Runway in Playa Vista but my favorite may be the Huzzah! Popup Toys. They are special because I love children and babies and they have a great selection of toys. Another business I love is Westside Grooming a local mobile dog grooming service. I grew up with the owner Crystal Caraveo and she helped spread the word of my new business.

How has working in Silicon Beach influenced the way you approach your business?
–I just love the whole community of Playa Vista and the Farmers Market on Saturdays. It is a very family friendly, beautiful community. I always notice a lot of happy children and babies when I’m at the farmer’s market or at the community parks. That definitely influences the way I approach my business.


Do you believe in ghosts?
–NO I do not believe in ghosts.
Have you ever traveled outside of the U.S.?
–NO I have not traveled outside the U.S.
Are you scared of rollercoasters?
–YES especially if they have heights.
Have you ever been skydiving?
–NO I have never because I’m scared of heights lol.
Do you like hiking?
–YES, I love to go hiking.


I’m a disabled woman. Is that a dating deal breaker? —- Emily G., Culver City

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The feet of Playa Vista. Send your photos to us for publication.

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Marina Del Rey Hosts Its First Dragon Boat Festival:

Nearly 40 teams competed at the first Dragon Boat Festival in Marina del Rey featuring a series of dragon boat races, live music entertainment, food trucks and an awards ceremony at Burton Chace Park on Saturday, March 5th. “The fast-growing sport of dragon boat racing is one that promotes cultural diversity and wellness, especially as this sport does not have any limitations in terms of age, ethnicity, sex, or religion,” Nathan Salazar, Head Coach of the Los Angeles County Dragon Boat Club and Dragon Boat Festival organizer, said in a statement. “Dragon boat races bring people together in a fun and exciting atmosphere,” Salazar said.


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Winner – “Best of Los Angeles Award” – Best Nutritionist 2022

Do you need a nutrition reboot? Have questions about your health and how you can improve it? Been told that your labs are normal but you don’t feel normal? Do you need an expert to you give you honest, accurate feedback on your lifestyle?

From meeting with me you will learn valuable information, and we will want to dig deeper into your overall health and make a realistic plan to reach your goals. While I am an expert, we cannot heal years of issues in a single consultation, but I can get you moving forward in improving your health.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Paul Workman, Loyola Village:

I witnessed these two young brothers picking up trash along LMU‘s borders! This is where the rubber meets the road! These kids get it! They don’t talk the talk…They walk the walk! They told me they were sick of seeing trash along 80th St. between Fordham and Georgetown and decided to spend their Saturday DOING something about it! How refreshing! I managed to catch one of their names…Shawn. I blame great parenting! I wish the students, staff, and faculty of LMU that generate that trash would be more like “Shawn”!


Café Bohème

Try our new Crêpito, our French version of a breakfast burrito! Egg, cheese, avocado and your choice of ham or bacon wrapped in a galette.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Yasi Seirafi, Marina del Rey:

Our beloved USPS mailman Gerald’s significant other, who mothered his children, passed away recently. If you ever met Gerald, you know how much warmth he brings with his positive attitude and warm smile. It is heartbreaking to know someone so close to him passed away so suddenly from a heart attack. He serves the Marina Peninsula and Silver Strand area, and is a light to the community. If anyone can help in any capacity it would be greatly appreciated. Below is the gofundme page.


Lisa Schwab, Owner of Cantalini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant along with 25,000 other neighbors in Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Playa del Rey and Westchester.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Claudia Rojas, Mar Vista:

My current license plate and registration were stolen from our car parked on the street for just a few hours on Friday. Just left the Pacific Community Police Station and they reiterated that the crime is increasing every week and car and home thefts are extremely common right now. Keep your doors and windows locked. Do not keep valuables in your vehicles and be vigilant and report the crimes online or in-person because they need to see the numbers and locations of where the incidents occur for more police support and patrolling. Keep your neighbors informed if you see unusual activity. Toyota SUV – Victoria Avenue


Petals ‘n’ Wax

Petals ‘n’ Wax features many items that make people smile! FREE GIFT WRAP with Purchase.

Petals ‘n’ Wax
Villa Marina Marketplace Mall
13432 Maxella Ave.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Hours 10 to 6 Every Day
(310) 305-8883


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1. ** I went to the library today and was appalled by the people living in the parking lot. We want to open the Senior Center. There is an interest in a wonderful agenda for our over 50 folks. This parking lot is not under the jurisdiction of Parks and Rec. Please inundate our city councilman’s office to get it cleaned up! —- Beth Rubenstein, Westchester

2. ** Have you ever had the urge to throw a plate of spaghetti in the face of parents with screaming kids in a restaurant? I have! Many times. —- JoAnne U., Playa del Rey

3. ** For my daughter’s bridal shower I am looking for a place for an afternoon high tea for about 15 people. The Culver Hotel wants to charge 1200 min food + 20% gratuity +tax of course AND 650 for a chef + +. Never paid for a chef before…anyone has been to a lovely place that they recommend? —- Beate C., Culver City

4. ** I am so f—king sick of Batman movies, I could puke. —- Lawrence A., Culver City

5. ** Sadly, the family pet tends to get more positive affirmation than all the human family members put together.” —- Grace J., Playa del Rey

6. ** Let’s face facts. “For the average person, becoming Batman is more attainable than becoming Bruce Wayne.” —- Holly Z., Playa Vista

7. ** “Snakes kill in 2 ways: hugs and kisses.” —- Lisa P., Culver City

8. ** Good writers make you want to read, but great writers make you want to write. —- Ashely P., Marina del Rey

9. ** The L.A. Times is a (bad) woke joke. —- Hailey Q., Westchester

10. ** Ready to SELL? • BUYING your first home? • INVESTMENT returns? • For assessment, home value and other real estate questions • CALL LIMOR TODAY: 310.866.3778 •

11. ** Marissa Streit, a Los Angeles native who later served in Israel’s IDF intelligence force, began her career in America as an educator. She quickly learned firsthand how our education system promoted low academic standards while actively undermining American values. Deciding to be part of the solution, she now dedicates her life to educating millions as the CEO of PragerU. —-

12. ** Leaving my home in Utah to arrive in Playa Vista in a sense involves a kind of second birth in which I give birth to myself. —- Brenda P., Playa Vista

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