Playa Vista People 04/14/2022


Arthur has lived and worked in Playa del Rey since January 2019


Beach or forest?
City streets or country trails?
Comedy or romance?
Dancing or singing?
Dine-in or delivery?
Facebook or Twitter?
Flying or driving?
Fruits or vegetables?
Horror or comedy?
Hunting or fishing?


Playa Vista Girl Scout Troop 6715: Chelsea Sergent, Daniya Williams, Alina Miranda and Alia Jackson are 7th-grade students and Girl Scout Cadettes.



The iconic interior of Cantalini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant, 193 Culver Blvd, Playa del Rey.


Mandy has been living in Marina del Rey since July 2005


Do you call all dogs “puppies?”
Do you like piña coladas?
Do you ever pick your nose when you think nobody is watching?
Have you ever worn underwear two days in a row?
Have you ever lied about having seen a movie?
Do you ever talk to yourself?
Do you ever talk to your pets?
Do you sing silly songs to your pets?
Have you ever hidden a snack so that nobody else would find it and eat it first?
Do you think you would be a good ninja?


Addie has been living in Playa Vista since she was born

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Yuki has been living in Westchester since August 2020

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Industry: Food
Funding: $43 million
Location: 12181 Bluff Creek Dr., Playa Vista
What they do: ChowNow makes software for the restaurant industry. Providing products such as online ordering systems, management tools and customer insights, ChowNow helps businesses get to know their customers and stay on top of the trends.

Celebrity Hairstylist Sean James gave Jamie Lee Curtis a Stunning Oscars Look:

All of Hollywood’s biggest stars showed up for the 2022 Oscars, and among them was Santa Monica resident and actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who paid tribute to the late Betty White at the awards show. Curtis’ longtime hairstylist, Sean James, who sees clients at Matthew Preece Salon in Santa Monica, gave Curtis a glam hairstyle for the red carpet. “It was so exciting to greet Jamie at her hotel and get her ready for the Oscars,” James said. “It had been a while since we were all able to get together for a celebration like this since the pandemic so we were all equally as excited. In honor of the late Betty White, Jamie also brought attention to animals and shelters and carried out a dog that ended up being adopted.”


Cantalini’s Salerno Beach

A local landmark for over 50 years, Cantalini’s Salerno Beach restaurant has been under its current ownership since January 2000 and is proud to present the Best in Traditional Italian Cuisine.


Homeless Woman Attacks Visitor with Vile Substance along RV Row in the Ballona Wetlands:

A Ballona RV dweller threw porta-potty fluids on a Playa del Rey resident who had come to meet leaders who promised to help reclaim the wetlands. The woman’s shoes, papers and jeans were doused with the blue liquid and pieces of toilet paper. An oversized porta-potty, paid for by Councilman Mike Bonin, has been placed adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Ballona Wetlands for those living in a long line of illegally parked RVs on Jefferson Boulevard. A woman who lives in one of the vehicles ran into the porta-potty with a vessel, filled it with the blue fluid, came outside and threw it at a woman who was attending a nearby press conference. The woman shouted, “F*ck you, bitch, get a life,” before she ran back to her RV. The blue fluid (biocides, dye fragrance, and surfactants), feces bits, and the toilet paper stuck to victim’s clothing and was all over the street. About 30 minutes after police arrived, they took a statement and then arrested the urine-flinging woman. Mayoral Candidate Joe Buscaino, Council District 11 candidate Traci Park and Assembly candidate Nico Ruderman observed the outburst and Buscaino said to the Playa del Rey resident and victim, “If you need me as a witness, I’m available.” Activist Lucy Han has challenged mayoral and L.A. City Council candidates to come view the environmental catastrophe that is occurring at one of the last remaining coastal wetlands in Los Angeles. Buscaino is the only mayoral candidate who has responded so far.


“I am new to Playa Vista and discovered your weekly digital magazine through my cousin. It’s exceptionally well done, colorful like the community we live in.” —- Rory P., Playa Vista

Westchester Burglary Suspects Smash USPS Truck Window, Steal Mail:

Two men were arrested on suspicion of burglary after breaking into a U.S. Postal Service truck in Westchester and stealing mail, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. An anonymous witness reported two suspects were smashing a window at a United States Postal Service truck about noon Friday in the 6000 block of Centre Drive, just east of South Sepulveda Boulevard. The suspects removed mail from inside the vehicle, then drove off in a red Honda Pilot SUV, police said. The witness followed the red Honda to a parking lot in the 6500 block of Sepulveda Boulevard, near West Centinela Avenue.


Los Angeles lifts moratorium on towing RVs, pledges to move problem campers. “What the f—k took these morons this long is beyond me” said frustrated Playa del Rey resident Owen W.


Hal Roach Studios, built In 1919.


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Urban Plates’ Grilled Grass Fed Steak Plate, normally $15.95, is $11 with Plate Pass.


A frustrated woman looks at rising gas prices with concern at a Shell station in Marina del Rey. Please feel free to send in your photos for publication.

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1. ** Dear Neighbors, March 31, 2022, Thursday, between 3:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., our house was broken into. We were not home. We believe they broke in around 4:11 p.m. I want to take this time to remind everyone to be vigilant regarding our neighborhood, the neighborhood we have chosen to live in with sacrifices. What was robbed from us was peace of mind, security, and trust in our fellow man. —- Ber Benitez, Mar Vista

2. ** It doesn’t matter the share; no one will do anything. Los Angeles, all areas! Filthy. Cops place no pressure. Etc. Freeway exits filthy! Streets, etc., street repairs needed. Sad Los Angeles. —- Cheryl M.

3. ** I heard about a break-in burglary that happened late Friday night at the Irvine Company Sausalito apartment community. The burglars forced entry through a third-floor balcony. Feeling very nervous, it happened in a supposed safe area with security guards. Does anyone know more details? —- Hju Jnie, Playa Vista

4. ** On my way home from work … a new large tent went up on the homeless encampment on Osage … a lady wearing all black stepped off the sidewalk to run across the street … I almost didn’t see her … a lot of night movement … please be careful going down Osage —- Julie Henneau, Westchester

5. ** People are always saying you need to take a vacation with someone before you can really determine whether the relationship has any longevity. They are wrong. … No, dear readers, shopping at Costco is the relationship litmus test. —- Ammi M., Marina del Rey

6. ** Be ware. Friday night, about 8 p.m.-ish, a man in a hoody with his mask up came up my apartment stairs and started to jiggle and open my door. My daughter looked out the peephole, and he was wearing his mask and a hoody. I opened my blinds and said, “Hey, can I help you.” At that point, he didn’t have his mask up and looked at me, and he seemed to act surprised that I was looking at him or that he was at the wrong house. After thinking about it, there is no way he could have thought my stairs and door and plants would be his door. Please be aware. Male possibly Filipino, Latino maybe. —- Leslie Kulkin, Playa del Rey

7. ** About 2 a.m. this morning, my neighbor heard the catalytic converter being stolen from my Prius. I only discovered the theft when my wife started the car this morning. When I called the auto repair shop, the owner said another neighbor had just called with the same problem. Police report filed. —- Danny Wong, Westchester

8. ** I read recently that Santa Monica is one of the un-safest cities in California, just a hair above Compton. I believe the crime in Santa Monica is horrible. I hear it constantly from friends who are residents, business owners, etc. it sounds like a nightmare, and I’m so glad I moved. —- Ashley W., Marina del Rey

9. ** Jewish Women’s Thrift Shop on Venice near Grandview in Mar Vista … Senior discount on Wednesdays.

10. ** One of my cars got broken into at 4 a.m. and took our dash cam. Just drove up opened the door ransacked it and left. Still looking at footage to find out if they were scoping other cars too. —- Diane Waterhouse, Westchester

11. ** Virtue signaling can be annoying and disingenuous. —- Howard P., Culver City

12. ** Ordering fast-food through DoorDash/Uber Eats breaks the whole point of fast food. It’s expensive and delayed. —- Carrie M., Marina del Rey

13. ** “You have, most [likely], never spent a full day naked.” —- Clay T., Playa del Rey

14. ** The pizza at The Good Pizza in Playa del Rey is Godzilla size! —- Leslie F., Playa del Rey

15. ** Prominent P.R. firm seeks Entry-level Researcher/Special Projects Coordinator in South Bay (Manhattan Beach). Part-time, freelance, flexible hours. Extremely reliable. Positive work environment. Great opportunity for the right person. Send resume (no attachment) and complete contact details including phone # to:

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