Playa Vista People 10/21/2021


Shelby has lived in Marina del Rey since April 2012


Do you like the color orange?
Do you eat pork?
– NO
Do you speak French?
– NO
Have you ever been to a Strip Club?
Do you like TikTok?
– NO


A recall Mike Bonin petition effort at Home Depot in Playa Vista.

Marina del Rey Man Arrested in Connection with 2019 OC Killing:

A 32-year-old Marina del Rey man is among two men who were arrested on Thursday in connection with a 2019 homicide of an Irvine man in Stanton, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials announced Friday. Jonathan Ho is being held in the Orange County Jail for the possession of metal knuckles and drug-related charges, the department said. Ho was arrested along with Nicholas Nguyen, 27, of Oklahoma City. Nguyen was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and is awaiting extradition. It is not yet clear what charges both men will face if found guilty.


Owner Cantalini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant

1. Why did you choose to conduct your business affairs in the Silicon Beach area? How did you get there?

– Giovanni opened Salerno Beach restaurant in 1962. At the time, Hughes had offices in what is now Playa Vista and was a very important part of his client base. When I took over in 2000, Playa Vista was still being developed – we have evolved our relationship as the development grew and it has now become an important part of our business.

2. What would you have to say has been the forefront of your success in your career? How did you develop your process in your work?

–I have always been interested in community affairs and being raised by Italian grandparents. I discovered a love of cooking and hospitality that has been a critical foundation to running a locally supported restaurant.

3. Do you see yourself going beyond the Silicon Beach area? Where are you from?

–I hope to continue to be in Playa del Rey and am always open to future expansion opportunities.

4. In what ways have you seen the area change since you’ve been here?

–Playa Vista has been a marvel to observe – piece by piece, section by section it continues to shift and evolve. I love this area – I am a native – the biggest change I have seen over the past 20 years is of course more density and I believe we have all been adversely impacted by the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and beyond which has contributed to higher crime, trash and vandalism.


1. When you are walking through the road do you have a habit to read all the advertisement boards or shop boards?
2. Have you ever watched your favorite TV shows for hours and hours and never got bored?
3. Slept with earphones on and music playing all night?
4. Woke up from a scary dream?


The Good Pizza

The Good Pizza in Playa del Rey.


Intriguing people in an intriguing community. • Playa Vista • Marina del Rey • Culver City • Playa del Rey • Westchester


Jennifer Hooper of Playa Vista – Favorite photo of Bo and Stella recognizing paintings of themselves.


Tower Pizza Sports Grill on 8351 Lincoln Blvd in Westchester.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Lola Johnson, Playa del Rey:

Went to Ralphs. I have never seen prices go up that much. I went to pick up Crystal Light drink which was $2.42 now it’s $5 and 27 cents this is crazy. I am really tired and then blaming the pandemic for everything. You call the doctor’s office you wait 45 minutes on the phone to set up an appointment. You want referrals to see a doctor a week ago. Still haven’t got it. When you call a company, that takes you 45 minutes to an hour to get through. They say that people don’t want to work, well, if you’re only going to pay them $15 an hour, which is minimum wage, you’re not going to get anyone. You can’t live on that. I feel sorry for the people on Social Security and the veterans cuz I see they don’t get any help at all.


Escape Day Spa

Escape Day Spa was started in 2008 by a Brazilian native with the purpose of utilizing the award-winning techniques from her hometown. These techniques are known throughout the world, like Lymphatic Body Shaping, and the legit Brazilian wax, among our many other services. Our Spa prides itself in having skilled therapists and products from Brazil, to give you a unique experience. More than a decade has passed since our debut, and our dedication to our commitment is still strong. We’ll always strive to provide a one-of-a-kind service. We are most known for our Brazilian Lymphatic Body shape massage as well as post-op treatments and body contouring. We take pride in our work by creating affordable prices and outstanding services. We are always staying updated with the new up and coming techniques and services, to not only expand our knowledge but provide the latest services in the beauty industry.


Marina Del Rey Fisherman’s Village, 1964.


A popular weekend breakfast at Ronnie’s Diner in Culver City.

By day, Angie is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and charity-giving Culver City resident. But once a week, she lets loose with things that piss her off. Buckle up.

** Our area councilman Mike Bonin is a radical left-wing fanatic determined to turn your house into an outhouse! Look around. He is winning.

** Many of the Allied Security guards patrolling the Playa Vista area seem to enjoy watching YouTube videos or TikTok videos more than work. They don’t even bother to hide it. BTW, who decided hiring security guards vastly overweight was a good idea? They look like they couldn’t run half a block.

** WTF is it with idiot neighbors lugging their dogs in baby carts? Don’t they know how stupid they look?
** Parenting is the most important job on the planet next to keeping Gary Busey off area freeways.

** I’ve renamed Lincoln Blvd., Stinkin Blvd.

** The pastries in Starbucks in Playa Vista taste like cardboard, only worse.

Send your comments to Angry Angie –


Live Music at the Farmers’ Market in Playa Vista


Arthur Roberts Photography

Arthur Roberts has lived in Marina del Rey for 37 years. He holds a Harvard BA cum laude, and an NYU MBA. Starring in iconic films like Revenge of the Ninja and Not of This Earth, he has proudly been for 33 years a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hosts and gives out the Oscars. Being a successful actor and photographer for over 50 years in New York and LA, he has learned to shoot definitive authentic empathetic headshots and portraits of actors and other humans. He doesn’t shoot your social game face; he shoots your soul. You can see his work on his website: He shoots all the looks you need for $189, or just 2 looks for $99. Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed, which means if you’re not happy, which never happens, he will reshoot. He also shoots family gatherings, pets, and homes for real estate resale staging.

He can be reached at, (310) 827-9661 home, or (310) 990-1098 cell & texting.


Urban Plates Grilled Grass Fed Steak Plate, normally $14.50, is $10 with Plate Pass.


1. ** PragerU needs YOU, our heroic supporters, to save America’s youth. The left’s extremist Critical Race Theory (CRT) has infected our education system — now nationwide — from kindergarten through post-grad. CRT tells our children that society should be divided into groups based on things like SKIN COLOR. Then our kids are being assigned a label of victim or oppressor based on this trait!  This race-based Marxist ideology is being taught right now in our TAXPAYER FUNDED SCHOOLS. —-

2. ** “If you simply carry a mug with you, you’ll look like you belong anywhere.” —- Davis P., Playa Del Rey

3. ** He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. —- Linda Tambo, Marina del Rey

4. ** All of the restaurants look dirty due to not having nearly enough staff but especially bad are Hopdoddy and Urban Plates. —- Arlene Z., Playa Vista

5. ** Congratulations to Playa Vista People for the stunning and profoundly disturbing homeless encampments photos exposè you did on the Ballona Wetlands recently. You and your team should be enormously proud. The pictures were beyond disturbing and the politicians that allow this disgrace to continue day in day out, week in, week out, month in, month out should be both embarrassed and immediately thrown out of office. —- (Former L.A. Police Officer) Clayton W., Playa del Rey

6. ** We need to get rid of the one obstacle in our way, Mike Bonin. He is the reason that we don’t have safe use of the park, and he and his deputies, lie and have no plan. —- Robert Hansen, Westchester

7. ** Homeless tents now set up on Jefferson right on the sidewalk by Ross and Target stores. In Culver City. Unbelievable!! —- Patricia Baker, Culver City

8. ** More traditional 007 fans like myself wish for the action to move forward with more pace — at 163 minutes, this is the longest Bond in the canon and felt even longer than that. An hour could have easily been cut and made a much better movie. Also, one can’t help but notice the woke casting director choices. —- Mitchell L., Playa Vista

9. ** Smile, you’re on Candid Camera. Send your favorite candid photos of people in: Playa Vista • Marina del Rey • Culver City • Playa del Rey • Westchester. Send your photos to:

10. ** Join us for Playa Vista’s 2nd Annual Monster Dash 5K and Afterparty in Runway on October 31st, 2021! Register today at

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