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Raj lives and works in Playa Vista


Would you rather lose the ability to lie or believe everything you’re told?
Would you rather lose all of the money you’ve earned this year or lose all of the memories you’ve gained this year?
Would you rather always hit a red light for the rest of your life or always get slow internet after the sun goes down?
Would you rather know how you will die or when you will die?
Would you rather have a permanent splinter under your big toenail or have a permanent bad haircut?


Ashley has been living in Marina del Rey since December 2016

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Hapa Meals

1. Why did you choose to conduct your business affairs in the Silicon Beach area? How did you get there?
–My wife and our two daughters currently reside in Westchester. She and I are both from Culver City so it wasn’t that far of a move. I chose to conduct my business here because of the locality and the neighborhood.

2. What would you have to say has been the forefront of your success in your career? How did you develop your process in your work?
–I’d say the support of my family first and foremost, then competing and winning several awards for dishes and sauces I’ve prepared. I went to culinary school and worked in several kitchens in my career. I was taught the art of sauce making by an elderly French saucier. I use those experiences in my current operation.

3. In what ways have you seen the area change since you’ve been here?
–Unfortunately I’ve seen the growth of homelessness in this area since we moved here 12 years ago. I’m hoping the city realizes this issue instead of constantly building unaffordable housing.

4. Where are your favorite places in Silicon Beach that aren’t well known?
–Tortugo Brewing Co.,LAX Tacos and Dollar Taco Truck.


Have you ever been snorkeling?
Do you have a secret talent?
Did you have a pet growing up?
Have you always lived in the same state?
Do you like baking?


The Tuxedo Truffle Chocolate Mousse at Tony P’s Dockside Grill in Manhattan Beach.


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Cantalini’s Holiday

Free Sangria For All!


Bold eyes in Culver City.

Holiday Lights Tour & Contest

The Westchester Mental Health Guild is sponsoring a driving tour of outdoor decorations. There are more than 20 houses participating in the Tour, all in Westchester and Playa del Rey. The Tour takes place from 5-9 pm every evening from December 12-26, with online voting through December 19. To participate in the Holiday Lights Tour, you must register at, and donate at least $10. That donation covers your entire vehicle and gives you a list and maps of the homes on the Tour plus the right to vote for your favorite. It also gives you a chance to win a terrific New Year’s celebration gift basket.

The Westchester Mental Health Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose of fundraising to support Airport Marina Counseling Service. AMCS operates a clinic at 7891 La Tijera Boulevard to provide affordable mental health counseling to the community and also to train therapists. For questions, email:


Actual street parking signs from Culver City.


by Alice Revel of Playa Vista

Bull and Butterfly

When it first opened I was really rooting for Bull & Butterfly. A beautiful new restaurant in Playa Vista seemed like it would be great addition to the neighborhood. Yes, the name was quite odd, but I was hoping that it would be an exciting and dynamic new food experience in our exciting and dynamic community. Now on the positive side, the place is indeed beautiful, there is no question, and that, of course, is a lovely start. But over several visits, the menu seems to me to be highly pretentious and not filled with many things that appeal to the tastes of many, which is why it seems filled with millennials who seem to be endlessly yearning for the pretentious. I sense the chef has let his cooking ego get the best of his menu choices, which is a shame.


Milliron’s on Sepulveda Boulevard, Westchester, 1949.

11-Year-Old Stabbed in Head in Mar Vista; Victim is Stable:

An 11-year-old girl was stabbed in the head following a fight in Mar Vista. She sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The incident took place in the 3200 block of Sawtelle Boulevard at about 8:55 pm, where an 11-year-old girl was in an altercation with another girl when two more young teens came up behind the 11-year-old. One of the suspects was armed with a steak knife and stabbed the 11-year-old in the back of the head. The victim was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The three suspects fled the scene on foot. Police later located them and took the girls into custody.


Mo’s Place

Outdoor Dining • Indoor Dining • Takeout

Here at Mo’s, we’ve been serving our Fish ‘N’ Chips for nearly 25 years. Believe us, they’re worth trying!

Mo’s Place

203 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 822-6422

Subspace Introduces Dedicated Private Network To Enable The Metaverse

Playa Vista’s Subspace, the dedicated network for the world’s most popular real-time services, announced today that its private network built for real-time applications is now available worldwide. Subspace is live today with a new internet built for the real-time world we live in; the metaverse is coming. This network-as-a-service (NaaS) enables companies to create experiences that surpass those limited by latency and other issues with the existing internet, particularly the real-time video and audio experiences that are at the forefront of modern communication and metaverse enablement. With COVID-19 revealing digital communication issues worldwide, Subspace’s network is a readymade solution for a multitude of industries where “right now” demand will only increase – gaming, telemedicine, financial markets, online betting, and more – and for the onset of the metaverse.

Police Seek Information on Car-To-Car Shooting in Del Rey Area:

Local Police sought information on a car-to-car shooting and a related hit-and-run crash that occurred in the Del Rey area of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police Department officers responded about 1:20 am on November 21 to the 5000 block of South Slauson Avenue, near Culver/Slauson Park, on reports of the shooting and subsequent crash, but found the suspects had already fled the area, according to a department statement. Officers obtained surveillance video from the area and discovered that a blue 2014 to 2016 Hyundai Elantra with exterior neon lights was driving in the area about 1:15 am when the occupants of the vehicle exchanged gunfire with a silver car, possibly an Infiniti G35.

LA City Clerk Confirms Councilman Mike Bonin Recall Petition Headed to Verification Stage:

The Los Angeles City Clerk confirmed on Friday that the “raw number of signatures” on the recall petition against Councilman Mike Bonin was enough for it to proceed to the verification state, which will occur over the next 30 days. The city clerk did not specify the number of raw signatures, but the recall effort’s organizer, Nico Ruderman, told City News Service on November 10, when the petition was submitted, that the group collected 39,188 signatures.


1. ** A few days before Thanksgiving when it was a red alert fire day, I saw a big campfire at the homeless camp just after dusk and called LAFD. They came right out and said something to them while they put it out. But that was about the last straw for me. That could have been disastrous, and it wasn’t even cold that day so the fire wasn’t about survival. What’s a potential next step for residents as you see it? —- Laura W., Playa Vista

2. ** We have prosecutors who won’t prosecute the “wrong” people for their crimes and prosecutors hell-bent on prosecuting the “right” people for what they symbolize. It’s disgraceful —- Thomas C., Attorney

3. ** Jeep Gladiator stolen from our driveway! We just moved here and had our white Jeep Gladiator 4×4 stolen. Warning to anyone who may have cars on Sunridge Street to lock your cars!! We got our Jeep stolen last night around midnight to 3 am. —- Ana Capko, Playa del Rey

4. ** Tired of biased news and information? —-

5. ** To all of our wonderful friends and neighbors, we are moving out tomorrow and heading up to the Bay Area. We will miss you all, and the wonderful community we have here! —- Elena Halpert, Westchester

6. ** Westchester park. I just took a walk around the park. On one side…”parks and recreation” is redoing the ball fields with new turf, dugouts, and a new sprinkling system. However, the area around the library (including the parking lot) now has 10 RV’s and 3 more parked on Manchester. I’m also noticing people settling back in on a limited basis. Will any agency patrol this? —- Sam Fries, Westchester

7. ** Mike Bonin has once again lied to the community and failed to communicate with us, or allow input from his constituents, regarding his plans to place a large homeless encampment on the property across the street from Visitation School. —- Robert Hansen, Westchester

8. ** Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO of Twitter. Dorsey was decidedly woke: He gave Ibram X. Kendi $10 million dollars; he wore a #StayWoke shirt. Wonder where some of our problems come from? —- Nanci B., Marina del Rey

9. ** Porch pirate, 30 mins ago. Keep an eye out. White car, two stripes down the center. —- Sean Barry, Playa del Rey

10. ** The ability to make a nebbish of ourselves is given to all of us. Some exist with this condition on a permanent basis; others can just turn it on at will. —- George W., Playa del Rey

11. ** I love your free Bulletin Board. Thank you, Playa Vista People. —- Daisy Y., Westchester

12. ** Crime on L.A. trains and buses is rising as riders return. This is zero surprise to anyone who has ever been unfortunate enough to ride these awful vehicles. —- H. Garrison Z., Playa del Rey

13. ** New bus lane on downtown Culver City. Am I the only one to feel that this bus lane on Culver Blvd. was a big mistake? It gives cars only one lane, and the combination of it with the unsynchronized traffic lights is making traffic a nightmare. —- Amanda Adler, Culver City

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