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Garrison has been living and working in Culver City since September 2009


Have you ever made any of your parents cry? HELL, YES

– Have your parents caught you in an awkward position with your partner? NO

– Do you usually follow your brain more than the heart? NO

-Do you usually be friends with your ex? YES

-Have you ever written someone a love poem? NO, I AM NOT A GOOD WRITER

– Have you fallen in love at first sight? YES.


Nancy Pelegrino, Acclaimed Realtor, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Real Estate Agent (Marina Del Rey) – 2021”

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed five years ago and consists of over 7,400 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.” “The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. “We’re honored to include Nancy Pelegrino into our BoLAA family.”

Nancy Pelegrino, acclaimed realtor, wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Real Estate Agent (Marina Del Rey) – 2021”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

A native of Chicago, Nancy Pelegrino is a former high school English and History teacher. In the 1980s, she moved to California and started her real estate career, applying the same straight talking, clear thinking to her business that she had learned as a teacher. A licensed broker, Nancy Pelegrino is today one of the stars of the highly competitive Westside real estate market. She knows what’s going on in the real estate market and how to help her clients get what they want.

Nancy Pelegrino is gutsy, smart, decisive, and straightforward. So is her business. She doesn’t have time to waste, and she doesn’t waste her clients’ time. She has built her business to meet her clients’ needs. That means days, nights, weekends. That means all types of properties, anywhere in Southern California. If you want honest, hardworking successful real estate representation without all the fuss and fluff, call Nancy Pelegrino today.

Nancy Pelegrino
Pelegrino Properties

310-245-9790 Mobile

*PLAYA – NEWS: RESIDENT SCREAM AMEN! – LA Rejects Homeless Housing At Westside Beaches

Several Westside beaches and proposed locations will not be used as homeless housing sites after a study from the City Administrative Officer confirmed the location is not feasible. In a four-page report released Monday night, CAO Matt Szabo cited a lack of sewer infrastructure, lack of adequate power capacity, and the absence of fire hydrants as reasons Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades should not be used. The report came after Councilmember Mike Bonin’s proposal to study whether or not Will Rogers State Beach, along with other Westside locations, could be successfully used as an emergency housing site for homeless residents. In March, Bonin proposed a series of ideas for potential homeless shelters as a rising number of encampments grew in the pandemic. Those suggested locations were in Pacific Palisades, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Playa del Rey, Venice, Del Rey, Westchester and West LA.


Dangerous Drugs killed my brother. I came here to LA to get sober in 2019. Thanks to AA and the grace of God, I now have 18 months sober. My younger brother Daniel suffered from drug addiction as well, and I wanted so much to share the gift of sobriety with him. I helped him to get insurance and into the sober living program that I went through. He kept leaving the sober living and on Thurs. 8/12 he was found dead from an apparent drug overdose at 204 Lincoln Blvd. If you know ANYONE suffering from addiction, please warn them that these dealers are putting DEADLY fentanyl in every drug out there! My brother did not want to die. He was around people who left him there and did not even call the police in time. I want his death to be a lesson that these drugs are making people drop like flies! I now dedicate my continued sobriety to my brother. 

*PLAYA – NEWS: ENOUGH – Homeless Housing At The Marina? Marina Del Rey Businesses React:

Marina business owners are pushing back against the recommendation from the City Administrative Officer that a site in Marina del Rey could be among potential options for future homeless housing, city officials announced last week. Several Westside beaches and proposed locations will not be used as homeless housing sites after a study released last week from the City Administrative Officer confirmed the locations are not feasible. Sites in Culver City and in Marina del Rey were recommended. Marina del Rey Convention and Visitors Bureau’s CEO Janet Zaldua responded to the report recommendations.  “We are deeply concerned as a business community about the feasibility report recommending further evaluation on Parking Lot #2 and the Marina del Rey Public Boat Launch ramp,” Zaldua wrote. Zaldua expressed concerns about tourism and business in the area. 


Clyde has lived in Culver City since November 2013

FUN FACT: Has read every Shakespeare play.


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PR prime is a remarkable innovation!” said P.R. Prime client Dr. Jay Grossman, founder of the acclaimed veteran’s homeless charity homeless not toothless —

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Lulu has been living and working in Playa Del Rey since October 2011

FUN FACT: Smoked her first cigar at age 14.


Julia Adele Design is a local interior and architectural design firm.  We know that creating a home, office or retail space is full of big decisions and little details and we are here to help guide you through them all. Whether it is a new build, renovation, remodel, or new furnishings through a bespoke process we help create structural and design plans that fit your needs.

Our services include: space plans, floor plans, 3D models, mood boards, furniture and material sourcing, and furniture design. See some of our work and services offered at<>, our Instagram at<>, and contact us at<>


Co-Founders at Integrative Connection

1. Why did you choose to conduct your business affairs in the Silicon Beach area? How did you get there? 
-As two NY transplants in LA, we knew we had the passion, experience, and nerve to create something meaningful that wasn’t already out there. We were both drawn to the exciting vibe created by Silicon Beach where it’s become one of the largest technology hubs in the world. Moxie Search places finance leaders at high growth, forward thinking companies. Silicon Beach was the ideal spot for clients and candidates to thrive. We like to say that we find unexpected, “perfect fit” talent that no one else does. 

2. Would you have to say has been the forefront of your success in your career? How did you develop your process in your work?
– We’ve seen search from every angle – as candidates, as hiring managers, as-house recruiters and as an agency – so we get it. Uncovering what fuels and inspires people on both sides of a relationship is key to co-creating teams & cultures. Our process evolved from our 35+ combined years of experience across top-tier companies and boutique search firms,

3. Do you see yourself going beyond the Silicon Beach area? Where are you from?
-Our plan is to expand Moxie Search Group across major metro markets starting with NYC & SF.
We’re New Yorkers who relocated to Los Angeles, so we keep it real and unfiltered, but California has softened our edges. You can always count on us to give it to you straight. 

4.  In what ways have you seen the area change since you’ve been here?  
-Stacy has been here for 10+ years and Ashley for 4 years. Both of us have witnessed the exponential growth as well as the challenges of 2020. We are proud to be part of such a resilient community and feel like the future is really bright. Moxie Search is fired up and ready to support the new wave of talent. 


1. When you are walking through the road do you have a habit to read all the advertisement boards or shop boards?
Stacy: No 
Ashley: No

2. Have you ever watched your favorite tv shows for hours and hours and never get bored?
Stacy: Yes
Ashley: Yes

3. Slept with earphones and music playing on all night?
Stacy: No
Ashley: Yes

4. Woke up from the scary dream?
Stacy: Yes
Ashley: Yes


Best friends in Playa Vista.

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1. ***Save California and our City. YES to RECALL Newsom, Bonin & Gascon! Reasonable Liberals, Independents, & Conservatives are voting yes to the recall. We need to save our State and our City from the Elected Power Driven Wealthy Elites. And stop voting for Waters, she does not represent free speech or safety for our City, nor does she live in our District! —– Rebecca Garcia-Prieto, Playa Vista.

2.***In chess, there’s a position called zugzwang, like being forced to hurt yourself. This is exactly how I feel as a Glencoe Ave. resident of Marina Del Rey, living next to a filthy, loud, disgusting homeless encampment. And the City and Police do NOTHING!—– Louise V., Marina Del Rey.

3. ***To my Playa Vista friends, I’m not at all contemptuous of comforts, but they have their place and it is not first. —– Lauren P., Playa Vista.

4. **I would like to start a petition to remain Lincoln Blvd., Stinkin’ Blvd. Who is in? —- Molly B., Marina Del Rey.

5. **The pernicious effects of alcoholism are well documented in the medical literature. But in real life, it is even worse! Trust me.  —– Jennifer K., Marina Del Rey.

6. *****Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino is upping the ante in the debate over where and how to restrict homeless encampments, calling on his colleagues to prohibit tents from going up within 500 feet of any public school in the city. Only five years or so too late. —– Nanci R., Culver City.

7. **The “unbiased” stories you missed today are the insights defining tomorrow. —

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