Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 02/13/2022


Community anger over homeless encampments, filth, and crime is boiling over.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Robert Hansen, Westchester:

This is just one small reason we need to Recall George Gascon – On November 17, 2018, when he was one month shy of his 18th birthday, Donato Cruikshank executed his 16-year-old girlfriend Sierra. He then shot her 27-year-old sister Uniek with an illegally obtained firearm. He took the victims’ cellphones to make sure he would not be connected to the crime and then started a fire in the residential apartment building to cover up the murders. The law allows for a 17-year-old to be charged with murder in criminal court. Gascon’s blanket Youth Justice Policy required prosecutors to withdraw the motion that had been filed to get the defendant transferred to criminal court. Cruikshank will now be tried as a juvenile, ensuring that he will be released in less than seven years for murdering the two.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Jerre Best, Westchester:

Are apartments were tagged. Just reported the tag to the property manager. They said they would take care of it. We need to report these kinds of things as soon as we see them. Otherwise, our city is going to turn into an East Los Angeles taggers blight. I’m not sure L.A. city would take the responsibility to paint over it so that’s why I contacted the management.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Lea McMillan, Del Rey:

A man just came to our front door at 2:03 am looking for a key or something in the mailbox and (not shown on the video) messing with our door handle for a second, may be looking for an entry option or whatever. All we have is speculation. Thanks to our ring we got him on camera as well as noticed that there was someone at our door. He left on his own after not finding what he wanted or not finding an easy way, however extremely scary with my three little children sleeping inside. Be on the lookout, don’t hide keys, and lock your doors.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Anissa Shbaro, Westchester:

CHECK YOUR DOOR LOCKS! Just had a man come to my front door and ring my doorbell and knock several times before rattling my doorknob. He did the same thing at my neighbor’s unit too. We live in a duplex. When I hollered through the door, he said my lights were on in the car that’s in the driveway. I texted my neighbor who looked out her back window and the lights were off. He kept turning the doorknob, so I pounded super hard back on the door. He stepped back startled then took off. I couldn’t see through the peephole and windows which way he went. This has happened twice now! Scary. Person Hair: Dark brown; short clean-shaven. No facial hair, Top: Grey and a black hooded sweatshirt, Bottom: Blue jeans, Age: Mid 20’s- 30, Sex: Male, Race: Hispanic, Physical Build: Medium build – not too tall maybe 5’7″. West 86th Place and S Emerson Ave, Los Angeles.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Holly Jenvey:

The Ballona Wetlands are the last coastal wetlands remaining in Los Angeles. Many are vouching for its survival; however, there is controversy on finding the right way to preserve it. “My generation is exposed to so much destruction of our environment, and we are begging leaders to make decisions based on what is best for the planet,” said Genesis Butler, a 14-year-old environmentalist and the founder of Youth Climate Save, at a news conference for the Ballona Wetlands on July 21. Situated south of Marina del Rey and east of Playa del Rey, extending to west of Playa Vista and south of the Westchester Bluffs, the Ballona Wetlands brings locals, tourists, schools and more to this ecological gem of the Westside. However, even as the Ballona Wetlands brings wonder to its visitors, it is also subjected to lack of precipitation and climate change. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, wetlands are among one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. They can be thought of as “biological supermarkets,” which benefit both wildlife and humans. Wetlands provide food and habitats for species, which they use for most to all of their lifetime. They also protect from flooding, improve quality of water and control shoreline erosion while providing economic opportunities.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Jane Redmond, Del Rey:

I finished this today. It’s graphite on paper.


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