Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 04/03/2022

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Ed Cirino, Del Rey:

Removal of our neighbor, Michelle, on the side of the 90 freeway at Inglewood Blvd. She accumulated SOooo much stuff. I watched carefully as the CHP officers treated her with the utmost respect and compassion. CHP officer … uh, McManus? bought her chick filet and a drink, specifically a pack of Marlboros and $40 out of his pocket. He refused to let me help with the money. Seriously, a stand-up compassionate guy.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Cat Edwards, Del Rey:

79-year-old Jerry is living in his car in a Culver City parking lot with his rescue pup. My friend met him while she was caring for some nearby cats. His roommate died and he couldn’t afford $3k rent. He’s a lovely man who cares about others and has rescued animals his whole life. Now he needs help, though he didn’t ask for it. Please donate if you can, to help Jerry get back into a real place he can afford. If you prefer to visit him in person and donate or ask him what else he needs, message me for his exact location, please!!

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Jonelle Berment, Playa Vista:

Saw this on Culver Blvd. by the 90 off-ramps. The sign reads: I have cameras on the back of my RV, if you touch my stuff again, you will leave with a face full of lead. Sir, go to an RV park, this is a public space. If they have money for cameras etc., they can afford to live at an RV park right? I’m not sure what the monthly rent is at RV parks, but geesh, we know this man has firearms which aren’t cheap. Some of the RVs I’ve seen are quite nice.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Ed Cirino, Del Rey:

Inglewood Blvd/90 freeway, on the west side of the street, where the big fire was last year, we have a chop shop. I sent a letter today: At the Inglewood Bl/90 freeway, ON THE WEST SIDE of the street, where the big fire on the 90 freeway was last year, we have; cut fence, illegal camp on CalTrans land, and water theft. Judging from all the bicycle parts thrown in the channel & leaning on the fence, we also have a chop shop. Sometimes they leave the water on and it runs over the sidewalk & down the gutter. Water waste during a drought is not good.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by David Di, Loyola Village

I just caught a transient going through multiple people’s belongings at the beach, right next to lifeguard tower 43 in Playa del Rey. I yelled at him and he fled back to this encampment on the beach just south of lifeguard tower 44. When will this end?? Please be on the lookout! Person: Dark hair, dark complexion, red hat, Dark long-sleeve shirt, Dark jeans, Age: 30’s, Sex: Male, Physical Build: Slim. Toes Beach, Los Angeles.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Marie Denny, Marina del Rey:

Dead birds all over the beach – from the Marina Jetty all the way down to the Venice Pier!! I went for a sunset walk with a friend on Monday evening around 5 pm. I was in utter shock when I saw one, then two, then 3 dead big blackbirds right above the waterline where everyone was walking along the beach. I then looked further down the beach; and you could see tons of them. I counted at least 25. I also noticed a large carcass (I have no idea what it was) rolling in and out of the tide. It was the size of a large log of firewood. I tried calling Beach Services to see if they were going to send out a team to collect all of them/test the environment but only got a voicemail. Is our water that polluted? What else could it be? There have been so many sewage spills lately, another one yesterday in Long Beach. There’s so much plastic in the ocean, too. My friend was surfing the Venice pier the same evening and he said there was a queen-size mattress floating at the end of the pier next to him. How sad? We need to keep our beaches clean!!

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Alvertyna Cooper, Marina del Rey:

Hi neighbors, I found this young squirrel on the street under a tree. I placed the squirrel on the tree to see if he would climb, he couldn’t. He/she was trembling with cold. I brought it home, I believe if I left this youngster behind, I know the crows or others will kill it. So, I will try to keep it alive and rehabilitate it. I’ve called animal sanctuaries, have yet to hear from them. I don’t know if he’s injured. He has been sleeping and I have tried to offer water but he’s not drinking. Does anyone know of a person that rehabs squirrels?

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Cynthia Johnson, Culver City:

This guy was on my wall last night with two fellow Coyotes in tow. Please watch your sweet fur babies. I am on Schaefer St. Close to Higuera. They came back last night. Block of 3630-3640 Schaefer Street, Culver City.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Dan Chapman, Culver City

Culver City gridlock is so damned needless. I sit in traffic today looking at open streets with nothing but barriers and stop signals. And no flow of natural traffic. Whoever conceived of this idiotic traffic snafu scheme in downtown Culver City should be fired immediately. I’m so angry sitting in my car with zero movements in any direction with everything stopped. Is this any way to run a city? The bus/bike barriers effectively add 3-4 times driving time to any errand, which adds to pollution from idling cars stuck in the trap. Whoever thought of this Orwellian nightmare must not live here to witness the disaster and has NO CLUE about organizing traffic flow. In the future, I will do my very best to avoid driving through downtown Culver City at all costs. Not a bus or bicyclist in sight. 9760-9770 Culver Boulevard.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Moe L., Playa del Rey:

I’ve updated my post, Polhill is backed by Bonin, that’s a no go for me. THE DEBATE with the seven candidates running for the City Council Seat in District 11 was eye-opening and well done. For the most part, the candidates had a good handle on the issues and were well-spoken and intentional. Matt Smith and Jim Murez seem like quality people. Both are passionate about our great District 11 and the sad state of affairs we’re experiencing, and both have what appears to be solid moral compasses. However, I’m not sure either possesses the clear and concise debating skills to win the election and be a strong voice in the council. Next, Greg Good and Erin Darling were wholly underwhelming, and their platforms aligned directly with Mike Bonin’s. Both were vehemently AGAINST the recall of George Gascon, almost to the point of spitting out their answers. Good or Darling would be pedal to the metal pushing forth Bonin failed policies. I have been advised, since my original post, that Alison Holdorff-Polhill is backed by Bonin and thereby falls into the same category as Good and Darling, any of these three would be a disaster. That leaves Traci Park, and Mike Newhouse, who I thought were the standouts. Newhouse might be a little too much an insider for my taste. We need new ideas and a fresh voice. These two candidates were concise, poised, and knowledgeable; they had strong views on the issues and had solid ideas on moving forward. Of these, I’m voting for Traci Park. She is no-nonsense, straightforward, and clearly will take the necessary action to return District 11 to her brighter days. Traci has the Los Angeles Police Protective League and Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association endorsement to boot.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Carnelian Gill, Playa del Rel:

PSA: Keep an eye out for this driver. If you are this driver, you should be ashamed of yourself. This evening (while it was still light out) I was walking up Manchester, from Pershing towards Falmouth. I was walking a little slower than normal due to a massive blister that had formed on my foot from wearing new sneakers. As I was crossing the street (no lights, and I had the right of way), a driver wanting to make a left from Manchester onto the street I was crossing, did so when I was barely halfway across the street and so closely to me his/her passenger-side mirror nearly hit me. 1.) No cars were coming and you could and should have waited the extra 15 seconds for me to finish crossing. 2.) The vanity license plate is CONCUSS. I can only hope this means you’re an ex-athlete who’s suffered so many concussions you have no regard for anyone’s life but your own, and frankly, you shouldn’t be driving for everyone’s sake. Black Porsche Cayenne or Macan (couldn’t tell as they whizzed by so quickly, but I caught the plate).


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