Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 10/24/2021

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Michael McDermott, Westchester:

Our Parks. OK, enough is enough. I have lived in Westchester / Playa for 30+ years. We have a great community! We have lived in three houses as our family grew. This is our home! I have coached youth soccer and softball, using our local parks, and have been involved with other various issues over the years. There are a lot of good folks just trying to live their lives in this place we call home! I don’t know how our local reps, city, state, or otherwise have failed us so miserably! I am not a radical NIMBY, but for lack of brain cells or plain old common sense, our fearless leaders are totally inept. I’m not sure what it will take, but I do know wringing our hands and lamenting our dire situation to our clueless officials has had no tangible success in dealing with a societal issue that impacts all of us. I believe that time has come to make ourselves clear with the public civic message, in person (with masks), AND voices! Hey, if we don’t do it who will? Please let me know if you’re willing to let your Voice and Face be heard! 8000-8010 West 80th Street, Los Angeles, CA

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Tracy Goldman, Marina del Rey:

I was followed home by a man this morning. He lives in Villa Vallarta on the Glencoe side. He’s about 5’8″, middle-aged, has grey hair and a beard. One of my dogs ate too many treats and was basically pooping while walking. I ran out of bags, got more, came back, and cleaned up. I thought I got it all. Maybe I did. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that 15 minutes later, my doorbell rang. I opened the gate slightly and a man started sternly telling me I have to clean up after my dog. I told him I did, and that he probably didn’t see me come back. He put his hand on the gate so I couldn’t close the door. He started yelling that he took pictures of me. I told him to leave and tried to close the door. He attempted to push his way in. I told him again that he would leave NOW or we would have a problem. He finally left. I’m afraid to walk around my complex now. Please watch out for this guy. If you know who he is, let me know, let others know. I cannot imagine how thinking someone wasn’t going to clean up dog poop is a good reason to follow a woman home and try to force their way into her home. 4600-4610 Glencoe Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Ashlee Mehle, Del Rey:

Homeless theft and destruction of property. Hello neighbors! The last few days we’ve had a couple of incidents with our homeless neighbors. The first incident occurred during the early morning hours on 10/9 where a man stole our security camera. Turns out he also stole batteries from our neighbor’s security camera within the same day. He was seen again today roaming LVM. A police report was filed on the stolen camera. His picture is attached. The second incident occurred the following morning. We caught a homeless, unstable man using our hose outside our garage. We told him to leave immediately. As we were on the phone with the police, he attempted to break into our complex and continued with his verbal assault. He was so forceful with the metal gate, he broke the door handle. This incident occurred less than 10 minutes after his destruction of a neighboring villa. He threw pool furniture and defecated into their pool. Police were called on both incidents. Stay safe neighbors. La Villa Marina, Marina del Rey, CA

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Alan Fessell, Playa del Rey:

Have had enough of the California high taxes, fees, homeless blights, and the politics that advocate Socialism. I sold my property and am leaving the state, just like so many others and businesses. CA gouged me on my tax & selling fees, their final insult, but it’s the last time. Politicians like Mike Bonin are destroying a beautiful state. Here, criminals and indigents are protected while homeowners and businesses are left to bear the brunt of every bad decision. Left-leaning politics here are based on freebies and pandering to get re-elected. No more for me.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Lisa Toth, Playa del Rey:

Apartment Break-In – I’m in desperate need to find my work laptop. It was in a black case with a strap and it’s a Dell. Out of all the items taken, this is crippling me at work. I’m completely lost without my files. Again, our apartment was broken into last Saturday by the homeless. Please do not come at me about my post. “Typical” thieves. Besides taking all of my clothes…All of my jewelry…All of my underwear…My bathing suits…Our passports, My boyfriend’s checkbook…My medications…Two of our pillows…Our pillowcases…And numerous other items…If anyone sees any personal items around town they feel may belong to us…Please, please, please contact me. I’m still a wreck and need some closure. Thank you so much!! 410-420 Culver Boulevard, Playa del Rey, CA


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