Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 11/07/2021

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Ashley Edwards, Westchester:

Dead kitten. I’m not a cat person by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a human with empathy towards all god’s creatures which is why I need to tell whomever it was, if they noticed, that it is disgusting to leave a half smooshed 3 to 6-month-old kitten dead in the street. I understand it is possible that one may not have noticed that they ran over a cat and kept going, I get that, but what is the excuse for the rest of “you“ who walked by or over the kitten’s remains yesterday afternoon, early evening. It would be impossible to miss. This happened behind Bennys, Tacos later yesterday afternoon. We discovered it around 9 p.m. No tags, no collar. We gave him a proper burial.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Ruby Cramer, Culver City:

Man watching me sleep through my window. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. suddenly to see a man right outside of my window screen (1 foot from my face) looking straight at me. I usually sleep with my curtains closed but they had been opened slightly to let air in. I said, “What the hell,” and he disappeared from the window. I woke my boyfriend up and told him and he watched the window and saw the man standing near the apartment, smoking. He then returned to the window, stood against the wall, and repeatedly peered back into the window (at this point I had closed the blinds). I called the police, and my boyfriend went outside to confront him and another neighbor came outside as well. I was put on hold with the police so long that by the time I talked to someone he had already run away. All he said when confronted was that his daughter lived near by and he goes to the church close by. Didn’t admit or explain watching through my window even though we both saw it and made no mistake about it. He was wearing a hoodie with the hood on and a mask covering most of his face. I live alone and I am terrified. Please close your curtains and put locks on your doors and windows always!! Also, please save any criticism about how it was handled, it was split-second decisions filled with fear. Suggestions on how to prevent this from happening again would be appreciated. (Not putting exact location for safety purposes.) 10010-10020 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Natasa Eleftheriou, Playa Vista:

Not All Heroes Wear Capes! Thank you to the man driving the beige Audi!! So, this morning at about 10:13 a.m. approximately I was walking my dog down Runway Road towards the shopping center and I was crossing one of the side streets. I was halfway across the street when I heard a car come BARRELING down one of the residential side streets. Her windows, were down she was blasting music and she came in SO FAST to the stop sign nearly hitting me and my dog. I had to drag my dog out of her car’s path it was so scary. But this nice man who I didn’t get a chance to thank was at the stop sign and pulled in front of her car and yelled at her to slow down because she almost hit me. He continued to yell at her when she didn’t seem to care at all that she almost hit me. She ended up speeding away and turning down one of the side streets, but I never got a chance to thank the nice man for yelling at her and standing up for me. I was in shock. I just froze. I was scared and wasn’t going to say anything. I later saw the man’s car parked by the gym so if you are seeing this, thank you!!! Not all heroes wear capes!!! We should continue to look out for neighbors in our community and ALWAYS be aware when crossing the street. If I did not stop, she was going to kill me and my dog. Also, she was driving a white sedan, I think a Toyota Corolla, it had a dent, or the back left fender was hanging off a bit. Beware of this car!!! She will hit you! 5740-5750 Dawn Creek, Playa Vista, CA


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