Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 12/12/2021

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Gwen Harbin, Culver City:

Harassment. Hello. Just wanted to mention two incidents involving the same harasser. On Halloween, early evening, I was moving something out of my POD (was just moving into the neighborhood), when I saw a man coming towards me on a skateboard. I backed up to allow him the full use of the sidewalk, but instead of passing by, he got behind me, very very close, mouthing off. He had a woman with him. They eventually took off when my boyfriend pulled up. Then November 11, 2021, I was driving on Green Valley Circle, heading home, when I saw a person on a skateboard heading toward the middle of the street. So I slowed way down and swerved, but the person purposefully kicked his skateboard which hit my car. My bf, also in the car, and I realized this was the same man from Halloween. He is very aggressive and looking to start an altercation. Has anyone else been bothered by him? Baseball hat, hoodie, shorts. Age 20-30, male, black short – 5800 Green Valley Circle, Culver City

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Mel Mitchell, Westchester:

Westchester Park cleanup is underway today! Finally! Families are coming back already. I passed by the Park today and saw the cleanup of the homeless derelicts there. When I passed by in the afternoon I saw a father and son playing catch with a football. Thank you, Sheriff Villanueva! Seven months ago Bonehead Bonin was making a motion to use Westchester Park and Dockweiler Beach as a homeless encampment indefinitely. Now he’s trying to take credit for the progress but We the People know better. Recall Bonin!

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Amy Nelson Frelinger, Westchester:

Hi neighbors. During our recent L.A.P.D. Block Captains’ meeting, we got the reports about where the L.A.P.D.’s law enforcement efforts stand in our local Pacific Division. Crime has been rising significantly, especially during the COVID pandemic. Grand theft auto (GTA), break-ins, and crimes of persons and property have been accelerating alarmingly. Everyone, please remember to “harden the targets” by complying with the advice to “Hide It, Lock It, Keep it.” If you SEE something, SAY something by notifying the appropriate authority. This keeps us all more protected.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Robert Hansen, Westchester:

Smash and Grab, Why it’s happening. It’s happening because there is no prosecution of the criminal element in this state. Not just Los Angeles, statewide. First off, how do you convince 80 or so people to commit a crime at the same time? That’s easy to understand. It’s because there are no penalties. Do we really think these criminals need Louis Vuitton bags and merchandise because they are hungry or did we create a social ill and this is the only way to rectify it? Let’s go to Home Depot and steal hammers and crowbars so we can use those to smash and grab elsewhere. I mean why not? Let’s just spray people with Bear Spray and Pepper Spray at their work? I mean is it ok to hurt people as well? It’s time we threw these DAs and politicians that are pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement out of office. Let’s do the right thing here and jail people who commit crimes. That’s really social Justice.


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by Alice Revel of Playa Vista


Dinner at Baltaire in Brentwood is always an extraordinary experience and the other Saturday night was no exception. The place is perpetually crowded and Saturday evening a week or so ago was no exception. The service there is first grade even amid a staff shortage due to the pandemic. Baltaire has always been beautiful and remains so. I started the evening with an organic iceberg wedge salad with egg and blue cheese dressing that was excellent. My entree was a Chilean Sea Bass with black beans and baby bok choy that was also memorable. Baltaire is fine-dining heaven, and though the prices are not moderate, you certainly get a first-rate memorable dining experience. Strongly recommended.


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By day, Angie is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and charity-giving Culver City resident. But once a week, she lets loose with things that piss her off. Buckle up.

** The Staples Center will soon be renamed Arena. What a f—ked up, name!

** Honest to God, I can’t recall a single thing the Mayor of Los Angeles has ever said since getting elected that was a vague-sounding platitude.

** Metro wants to remove all law enforcement from trains and buses and replace them with social workers and ambassadors? Are they f—king kidding me? The trains and buses need WAY more security, not less. I’m sure the assholes on the Public Safety Advisory Board don’t actually use public transit.

** Year Three of the COVID-19 Pandemic begins. We are screwed!

** Nextdoor says it wants to “cultivate a kinder world.” How is that for B.S.?

** Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are officially dating. After numerous dates on the East and West Coasts, the “King of Staten Island” star and the Skims founder are an item. Excuse me while I puke!

** It’s become conventional wisdom that the proliferation of social media sites and the ease with which strangers can communicate has led to a deterioration of civility. This is only partly true. Trust me, the world was pretty screwed up well before social media.

** He may well be a great basketball player, but LeBron James seems like an arrogant, self-righteous asshole. And I am being kind.

** One and a half billion years ago, the planet’s only life-forms were single-celled. When I look around Playa Vista and I see young people almost walking into things because they are unable to stop staring at their phones even for a second, I sense we are returning to a by-gone day.

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