Playa Vista People Sunday Bonus Edition 12/26/2021

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Jose G., Culver City:

Are you sensing a pattern to Councilman Mike Bonin’s endless failures?

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Lynn Mulller, Westchester:

Another homeless incident within yards of a preschool and elementary school, in the exact spot where a homeless man was found dead on the sidewalk seven days ago. What’s the plan, Bonin????? 12980-12990 Coral Tree Place, Los Angeles.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Trina T., Marina del Rey:

Amazon drivers not delivering packages. I live in the Marina off of Admiralty Way. I have now had three separate Amazon orders that state they were delivered but never arrived. I’m told the delivery was given to the front desk. I don’t have a front desk. The delivery went to the mailroom. Nope. I spoke to one of the many Amazon drivers that are in my building throughout the day and asked what’s going on. He said the subcontractors pick up, and if they want to go home early, they enter they delivered. No one at Amazon challenges the drivers. They take the stuff home. In one story the guy I spoke to said, one of these contractors got caught selling his deliveries in a garage sale. The drivers know the customer will get refunded.

His suggestion was 1. If it’s a very important item, have it shipped to an Amazon locker. And 2., when requesting a refund, don’t get Amazon credit. Get your refund on a credit card. Amazon doesn’t like giving money back, that is outside of their control. Sadly, the dress I wanted to wear to my husband’s office holiday party is in my mailroom according to one customer service rep or oops delivery was not made, it’s on its way says another customer service rep. Never got here. I got my refund sent to my bank and I was given credit on my Amazon account as well for my inconvenience. Bottom line: if you need what you ordered, now, and can’t wait for another delivery, send it to an Amazon Locker or your office. And get real money refunds. Make Amazon give you your money back. It’s bad enough we all deal with porch pirates, now we know drivers are never dropping our packages off.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Shellee James, Del Rey:

Just great. This is on Culver under the 90 where all those trailers are parked. Bet not one of them called the police who are just down the street. I felt like I am living in a third-world country this morning.


Three kids came into Headstock in Westchester and robbed and threatened the employee, and tried to break displays at the shop. The cops were informed.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Kris F., Westchester:

Dear Neighbors: I was walking my broken bike down Kentwood about 15 minutes ago and noticed four males coming from the side of a house on Kentwood between Manchester and 85th Place. One approached me saying he had just been robbed of his phone and needed to use mine to call his mom. I found this odd since there were four males and NONE had a phone? At any rate, I hopped on my broken bike and rode on and watched them turn left on 85th Place, one up from Manchester, clearly looking in houses and trying to get into a gate where I saw them. Please be careful. I have not reported to the police as there was no crime. Description of the person involved – Hair: Black, Top: Dark sweatshirt, Bottom: Jeans, Shoes: Tennis shoes, Age: Teens to early 20s, Build: Slim, Sex: four Males, Other details: One was holding pants while walking, blue surgical masks.

PLAYA – COMMENTARY by Steve Frazier:

Starbucks Marina. So sad. Transient did this. Starbucks, Marina del Rey.


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1. ** Guy just asked to use my phone cause he “just got robbed.” Was walking in the neighborhood and a guy who was with like three other kids asked to use my phone cause he “got robbed.” Positive this is just a scam and it’s annoying they were right in the neighborhood trying to pull this – 8470-8480 Alverstone Avenue, Los Angeles —- Raymond Leung, Westchester

2. ** I went to dinner the other night at Bull & Butterfly in Playa Vista. My guest and I sat inside and it was so cold you could almost see your breath. No heat. Doors wide open on a cold evening. Miserable. —- Jennifer Z., Playa Vista

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